Lexicon: puzzle – Pyrrhenees

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puzzle (-d, -s, -st), v. [Origin unknown.] (webplay: heaven, way).

Perplex; confound; confuse; baffle; bewilder; mystify; pose a riddle to.

puzzled, adv. [see puzzle, v.]

Perplexedly; in bewilderment; without understanding; with a mystified air; in a confused manner.

puzzled, verbal adj. [see puzzle, v.] (webplay: bewildered, heaven).

Amazed; baffled; confounded; stunned; caught in a riddle; [fig.] folded; composed; [metaphor] mosaic; enigmatic; tessellated; mysteriously patterned; with a design like origami.

pyramid (-s), n. [L. pyramis < Gk πύραίδες, exact history unknown, poss. of Egyptian origin.] (webplay: meeting).

Ancient Egyptian building; monumental stone construction with a square base and triangular sloping sides that meet at an apex; [fig.] age-old structure; long-lasting artifact created by human genius.

pyramidal, adj. [see pyramid, n.] (webplay: point).

Huge; colossal; gigantic; fantastically large; like the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians; [fig.] impregnable; invincible; indestructible.

pyrite (-s), n. [L. pyrītēs, fire-stone, flint < Gk π Øρ, fire.] (webplay: gold).

Iron pyrites; fool's gold; worthless substance which resembles gold.

Pyrrhenees, proper n. [Fr. < L. < Gk Pyrene < Gk pur, fire + eneon, dumb, secret.]

High mountains; mountain range which separates France and Spain; peaks named for a nymph that Hercules loved, said to be buried on these mountains; [fig.] huge obstacle; large object; thing obstructing one's view of the beloved; insuperable distance between a lover and a deceased loved one.