Lexicon: pinion – pipe

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pinion (-s), n. [OFr pignon < L. penna, feather, wing-feather, wing.] (webplay: body, feather).

Flight feather; outermost feather; endmost segment of a bird's wing; [metonymy] wing; organ of flight.

pink, adj. [Etymology obscure.] (webplay: eye).

  1. Rosy; orchid-colored; tinged with a delicate reddish hue; similar in color to a flower of the genus Dianthus; [fig.] brightly-colored; cheerfully-hued; reminiscent of spring.
  2. Blooming; mortal; vital; alive; living.
  3. Flesh-colored.
  4. Lava-colored.

pink (-s), n. [see pink, adj.] (webplay: eye, flower).

  1. Rosy-tinted flowers; blush-colored blossoms.
  2. Blush; reddening of the cheeks.
  3. Reddish-white hue; color similar to that of flowers of the genus Dianthus; [fig.] life; vitality.
  4. Phrase. “Pink of day”: sunrise; rosy light of morning; reddish hue of the eastern sky caused by the rising sun.

pinnace, n. [Fr. pinasse < medieval L. spinachium.]

Boat; vessel; small water-craft; [fig.] sail.

pinnacle, n. [ME < OFr < late L. pinnāculum, dim. of pinna, wing, pinnacle, point.] (webplay: building).

Turret; spire; tower; vertical portion of a building rising upward.

pioneer, n. [Fr. pionnier < OFr peon < pezon, foot-soldier < L. pedōn-em.] (webplay: before, preceded).

  1. Scout; leader; forerunner; pathfinder; guide; one who goes before to clear the way.
  2. Original settler; first inhabitant; earliest dweller; initial tenant.

pious, adj. [L. pi-us, dutiful, pious + L. -ōs-us, abounding in, full of, characterized by, of the nature of.] (webplay: God).

  1. Righteous; dutiful; obedient; faithful; devoted; respectful; reverent; religious; [fig.] prayerful; worshipful; kneeling in prayer.
  2. Meek; humble; submissive; abject; pitiful; pathetic.

pious, adv. [see pious, adj.]

Religiously; devotedly; faithfully; loyally; in a dedicated manner.

pipe, n. [OE pípe < late L. pīpāre, peep, pipe, chirp; see Indian, proper adj.]

pipe, v. [OE pípian, see pipe, n.]

Sing; warble; chirp; treble; twitter.