Lexicon: round – royally

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round, v. [see round, adj.]

  1. Circulate.
  2. Wait outside of; stay close to; stand near to; gather in the area of.

rouse, v. [Originally a technical term in hawking and hunting, precise origin obscure.]

Awake; excite; stimulate; [fig.] renew; restore; resurrect.

route (-s), n. [Fr. route < L. rupta, fem. of ruptus, broken.]

Course; way; road.

routine, adj. [see route, n.]

Habit; duty; repetitive pattern; customary behavior; standard procedure; mechanical action.

row (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Line; series; string; [fig.] chain; circle; crown; [metaphor] pattern; design; display; array; figure; configuration; constellation.
  2. Panel; flat linear surface.

row (-ing, -ed), v. [OE.]

  1. Transport; deliver; convey; transfer.
  2. Propel a boat; go forward with rhythmic strokes using oars; impel a vessel along by paddles; [fig.] orbit; revolve; rotate; circumnavigate; roll through space; [metaphor] shine; send out rays.
  3. Sail; glide; cruise; move freely; travel safely; press forward; [fig.] transcend; surpass.
  4. Paddle; drift; float; swim; stroke; hover; move to and fro; travel by means of currents; [fig.] promenade; ramble; range; roam; saunter; wander; [fig.] make a beeline.
  5. Line up; grow in straight furrow; [fig.] waft; blow gently via the air; [metaphor] make perfume; send forth a pleasant smell.

rowdy, n. [origin obscure.]

Bully; ruffian; trouble-maker; one having boisterous conduct; rough and disorderly creature; [fig.] loud one.

rower, n. [see row, v.]

Sailor; boater; crewman; one that manages an oar in propelling a boat.

royal, adj. [OFr roial < L. regal-em, regal.]

  1. Aristocratic; fit for a queen.
  2. Majestic; glorious; kingly.
  3. Ordained; hallowed.
  4. Valorous; prestigious; heroic.
  5. Sovereign; official; authoritative; pertaining to a head of state.
  6. King-like; high-born; patrician.

royally, adv. [see royal, adj.]