Lexicon: ragged – ramble

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ragged, adj. [see rag, n.] (webplay: coat).

Threadbare; worn; tattered; dressed in shabby garments; [fig.] poor; destitute; beggarly; indigent; poverty-stricken.

rail, n. [OFr reille < L. rēgula, straight stick, bar, rod; NW says Greek riegel, bolt or bar.] (webplay: fences, inclosing, posts, road, wood).

  1. Timber; bar; pole; horizontal piece of wood attached to posts to form a fence.
  2. Fence; barrier; series of posts connected by crossbeams designed to mark and protect a burial site.

raiment, n. [Aphetic form of arrayment < OFr areer, array; see array; NW says Norman araer, to array, apparel.] (webplay: clothing).

  1. Clothing; apparel; garments; finery; adornment; accessories.
  2. Colorful banner; coat of many colors; [fig.] spiritual sign; covenant token.
  3. Robe; outfit; formal wear; ceremonial investiture.
  4. Fabric; cloth; material; essence; substance.

rain (-s), n. [OE regn.] (webplay: cloud, drops, eyes, God, heaven, shower, tempest, water).

  1. Precipitation; shower; downpour; drops of water falling from the sky.
  2. [Fig.] tears; drops of water falling from the eyes.
  3. [Fig.] autumn leaves.

rainbow (-s, 's), n. [OE; see rain and bow, n.] (webplay: clouds, colored, day, drop, eyes, heaven, horizon, sun, sea, water).

  1. Arc of colored light in the sky after rain; beautiful natural phenomenon caused by the reflection and refraction of light by drops of water in the air.
  2. [Fig.] beautiful blooming colors of approaching spring.
  3. [Fig.] hope; calm after a storm; resurrection; life after death.
  4. [Fig.] beauty; magic; bliss; joy; happiness; contentment; freedom from care or trial.

raise (-d), v. [ON reisa.] (webplay: approach, build, child, death, dispose, grow, house, land, life, pass, rank, remembrance, service, sleep, stir).

  1. Lift; elevate; turn or move upward.
  2. Grow; cultivate; produce; propagate.
  3. Mature; age; develop; ripen.
  4. Resurrect; restore; bring to life.
  5. Erect; build; construct; establish.
  6. Exalt; advance; promote; bring to the notice of others.
  7. [Fig.] bestow; fix; attach; fasten.

raised, n. [see raise, v.] (webplay: angel, go, rank, take).

Spirits; deceased persons; exalted beings; people who have passed from mortality to a higher sphere.

raised, verbal adj. [see raise, v.] (webplay: life).

Exalted; ennobled; glorified; lofty; grand; majestic.

rally (-ing, rallies), v. [Fr. re-, again + allier < L. al-, to + ligāre, bind, fasten.] (webplay: contempt, world).

  1. Recover; recuperate; revive; overcome difficulty; regain strength; be restored to a former condition.
  2. Muster; collect; summon; gather up.

ramble, n. [ME romble < rome, roam.]

Journey; trek; travel; expedition; [fig.] life; daily routine.