Lexicon: remorse – renegade

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remorse, n. [OFr < Late L. remordēre, vex, disturb < re-, again + mordēre, bite, sting, attack.] (webplay: feeling, sense).

  1. Sorrow; anguish; grief; pain; intense pity; poignant emotion.
  2. Regret; guilt; pain of conscience.

remote (-er, -est), adj. [L. remōt-us < re-, again + movēre, to move.] (webplay: affects, causes, color, future, immediate, mind, move, near, people, small, star).

  1. Distant; far away; out of the way
  2. Separate; distinct; apart from the current situation; unconnected to the subject at hand
  3. High; distant; far away; out of the way.
  4. Slight; little; faint

remote (-ly), adv. [see remote, adj.] (webplay: small).

Distantly; far away; out of the way.

remoteness, n. [see remote, adj.] (webplay: alien, foreign, place).

Distance; separation from the present.

remove (-d, -s), v. [OFr < L. re-, again + movēre, move.] (webplay: away, being, change, death, heart, move, residence, thing).

  1. Separate; deprive; take away; move apart.
  2. Take off; discard; get rid of.
  3. Take away; withdraw; shift; put far away; move away.
  4. Go; depart; leave; move to somewhere else.

removing, verbal adj. [see remove, v.] (webplay: death, leave, residence, thing).

Moving; changing; hard to comprehend.

rend, v. [OE rendan.]

Tear apart; [fig.] surprise; frighten; catch unawares; burst in on; come unexpectedly to.

render (-ed), v. [OFr < L. *renděre < re-, back + dare, give.] (webplay: demand, surrender).

  1. Depict; draw; portray; represent; show; picture; envision; imagine.
  2. Resign; yield; submit; cede; give in.
  3. Give; deliver; present; furnish; provide; supply.

rendezvous, n. [Fr. rendez vous, present or betake yourselves; see render, v.]

Meeting; appointment; appointed place.

renegade, adj. [Sp. renegado < medieval L. renegatus < re-, again + negāre, deny.]

Rebellious; mutinous; heedless; disobedient; defiant; obstinate; stubborn.