Lexicon: reprieve – request

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reprieve (-s), v. [Fr. re- + prendre, take.] (webplay: death).

Give relief from to for a time; delay the execution of.

reprieving, verbal adj. [see reprieve, v.]

Comforting; delivering; giving relief from discomfort.

reprimand, v. [Fr. réprimer, repress, reprove.]

To reprove severely; to chide; to censure for a fault.

reproduce (-d), v. [L. re-, again + prō, forward + dūcere, lead.]

Copy; replicate; create a more or less exact image of; [fig.] paint; draw; render artistically.

republic, n. [Fr. république or L. rēs, thing + publicus, public.]

A community of persons or animals, etc. in which there is a certain equity among members.

repudiate (-s), v. [L. repudiāre, divorce, reject.]

Cast away, reject, discard.

repugnant, adj. [Fr. répugnant or L. re- + pugnāre, to fight.]

Hostile; resisting; contrary; or inconsistent with.

repugnantly, adv. [see repugnant, adj.]

In a contrary, contradictory or inconsistent manner.

repulse, n. [L. repulsa < re- + pellěre, to drive.]

Refusal or denial.

request, n. [OFr < L. quecerěre, seek, inquire.]

A prayer, the expression of desire for something to be granted or done.