Lexicon: retinue – retriever

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retinue, n. [OFr retenir, retain.]

  1. Attendants, or a train of people; following, chiefly on a journey or excursion.
  2. Network, tangle, those attending.

retire (-d, -s), v. [Fr. retirer, to withdraw, re- + tirer, to draw.]

  1. To withdraw; to retreat; to depart or go away.
  2. To depart; to leave, as Christ
  3. To go from company or from a public place into privacy; to go to bed.
  4. To be separated or distinguished from a group.

retract, v. [L. re- + trahěre, to draw.]

Take back; rescind; withhold; confiscate for some cause.

retreat, n. [see retreat, v.]

  1. Finish; terminus; coda; gradual withdrawal; [fig.] finale; closing curtain; concluding act; departure from a stage; [metaphor] sunset.
  2. Return; turning around; going back to a former location.

retreat (-ing), v. [OFr retrairer, to withdraw.]

Recede; draw back; pull away; avoid danger; withdraw from a place; leave from a location; move to a safer position.

retreating, verbal adj. [see retreat, v.]

Diminishing; becoming less visible; moving out of sight; decreasing in size as light departs.

retreating, verbal n. [see retreat, v.]

Ending; departing; [fig.] death; demise; ceasing to live; process of dying; act of withdrawing from life.

retrieve (-s), v. [OFr re- + trouver to find.]

  1. To recover; to regain; to obtain again a lost object.
  2. To recall; to bring back; as from the memory or from the dead.

retrieveless, adj. [see retrieve, v.]

Permanently lost; never again; not to be regained; unable to be repaired or fixed.

retriever, n. [see retrieve, v.]

One who goes after things; retrieves; gets possession of again.