Lexicon: reorganize – repeated

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reorganize (-s), v. [L. re-, again + L. organ-um < Gr. 'instrument, organ, musical instrument'.] (webplay: compound).

Change; alter; transform; regenerate; cause to be reevaluated; force to be reexamined.

repair (-s), n. [see repair, v.]

Process of fixing something.

repair (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr reparer or L. re-, again + parāre, make ready, put in order, prepare.]

  1. To go, or to make ones way to or from a place or person.
  2. Fix; make whole; restore to a good or sound state, after injury or decay.

repast, n. [OFr < late L. re-, again + pascěre, to feed.]

  1. Meal; sustenance; nutrition; [fig.] spiritual food; [word play on “repassed”] daily bread (see Matthew 6:11).
  2. Feast; banquet; [fig.] celebration.

repay, v. [OFr re-, back + payer, pay.]

Refund; reward; requite; pay back; return in favor; give something back to.

repeal, n. [see repeal, v.]

Reversal; abrogation; annulment; revocation; relinquishing; invalidation; turn about; letting go; [fig.] resurrection.

repeal (-ed), v. [AFr re- + appeler, appeal.]

Take; remove; subtract; revoke; abrogate.

repealless, adj. [see repeal, v.]

Endless; eternal; timeless; enduring; irrevocable; without cancellation; from which nothing is erased.

repeat (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. re-, again + petěre, to attack, demand.]

  1. Ring; peal; echo; signal; reverberate; sound again; [fig.] declare; announce; recite.
  2. Encore; reiterate; perform again; replicate daily.

repeated, verbal adj. [see repeat, v.]

Twinkling; sparkling; [fig.] steady; incessant; perpetual.