Lexicon: renew – renunciation

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renew, v. [L. re-, again + OE níwe, new.]

  1. Regenerate; resume; begin again; be revived; be replenished; be reestablished; be restored to a former state. (1283/1282)
  2. Restore; revive; bring back.

renewing, verbal adj. [see renew, v.]

Replenishing; regenerating; [fig.] perpetual; ceaseless; in constant motion.

renounce (-d, renounched), v. [Fr < L. renuntiāre, announce, proclaim, disclaim, protest against < re-, against + nuntiāre, make known, report.] (webplay: cares, land).

Deny; reject; disclaim; abandon; relinquish; give up; turn away from; refuse to acknowledge or partake of.

renovate (-s), v. [L. re-, again + novāre, make new.] (webplay: heart, world).

Change; alter; transform; renew; regenerate; refresh.

renown, n. [AFr renomer, make famous < L. re- + nomināre, to name.] (webplay: distinguished, fame, great, king, men, name).

  1. Fame; celebrity; repute; esteem; prestige; exalted reputation; honored position; eminence among mortals.
  2. Knowledge; notice; observation; detection.
  3. Honor; privilege; distinction.
  4. [Fig.] resurrection; exaltation; salvation; paradise; celestial glory.
  5. [Fig.] rising; coming forth.

renown (-ed), v. [see renown, n.] (webplay: great, name).

Esteem; honor; exalt; make well-known; put in an eminent position; cause to be revered, praised, and venerated.

renowned, verbal adj. [see renown, n.]

  1. Eminent; prestigious; refined; glorious; majestic; regal; royal; noble; aristocratic; high-born; lofty; exalted; transcendent.
  2. Superior; surpassing; intense; profound; severe; extreme; exceptional.

rent, n. [OFr < L. *rendita; see render, v.] (webplay: tenant).

Lease; let money; monthly sum of money that a person pays to a property owner for housing.

rent (-s), v. [see rent, n.] (webplay: house).

  1. Lease; occupy; inhabit; dwell in; lodge in; live in; reside in.
  2. Tear; split; burst; fracture; rupture; [fig.] exceed; surpass.

renunciation, n. [see renounce, v.] (webplay: world).

Asceticism; self-discipline; self-denial; abstention from worldly pleasures; strict control of mortal passions; refusal to indulge in gratification of physical desires.