Lexicon: rigid – ringlet

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rigid, adj. [L. rigidus < rigēre, to be stiff.]

Stiff; not easily bent.

rigor, n. [L. rigor, numbness, stiffness, see rigid, adj.]

Harsh or severe action.

rill, n. [Origin obscure.]

Streamlet; rivulet; small brook; flow of water; temporary trickle on the ground caused by rainfall.

rim, n. [OE rima.]

Border; edge; margin; lip; ridge; perimeter; [fig.] micro-second; bit of time; mere mortality.

rime, n. [OE hrím.]

Hoarfrost; frozen dew; chilly mist; current of wet cold air; [word play on “rhyme”] echo word; similar terminal sound as in a poem.

rind, n. [OE rind, crust of bread.]

  1. Skin; exoderm; outer layer of flesh, blood, and nerves in the human body.
  2. Peel; crust.
  3. Hull; outer shell; [Fig.] corpse; lifeless body.

ring (-s), n. [OE hring.]

  1. Circle.
  2. Echoing sound.
  3. Place for children to play.
  4. Jewelry for the finger.
  5. Jewelry for the ear.
  6. Circular course; eternal orbit.

ring (-ing, rang), v. [OE hringan.]

  1. Sound; cause noise.
  2. Call for.

ringed, verbal adj. [see ring, n.]

Encircled; surrounded.

ringlet, n. [see ring, n.]

Curly tress; wavy coiffe; style of small tight curls.