Lexicon: repel – report

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repel (-s), v. [L. re-, again + pellěre, to drive.]

Disgust; repulse; rebuff; drive away; fill with distaste.

repentance, n. [Fr. repentir, re- + L. poenitēre.]

Regret; remorse; penitence; godly sorrow; state of being sorry for past conduct or actions.

repetition, n. [OFr repeticion, or L. repetition-em < repetěre, re- + petěre, to attack.]

To repeat the same word or the same sense in different words for the purpose of conveying significance or making a lasting impression.

repine, v. [re- + OE pínian < L. pæna, punishment, pain .]

To long discontentedly for something, to fret.

replace (-d, replacing), v. [re- + ME place < Fr. place.]

To put again in a former place; to substitute.

replenish (-ed), v. [OFr < L. plēnns, full.]

  1. Abundantly supplied; filled.
  2. To fill a persons heart or mind with some feeling or occupation.

replevy (-s), v. [OFr.]

Restore; restitute; return to the owner.

reply, n. [see reply, v.] (webplay: ply, words).

Answer; response.

reply (-ing, replied, replies), v. [OFr replier, to fold again, turn back, reply.] (webplay: answer, God, man, said, send).

Answer; respond

report (-s), n. [see report, v.] (webplay: answer, back, discovered, land, mentioned, publicly, spoken, tell, wisdom).

  1. News; account; statement of information.
  2. Rumor; slight chance.