Lexicon: accustomed – acorn

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accustomed, verbal adv. [see accustom, v.] (webplay: common).

As usual; as is customary; in typical fashion; in a regular manner.

a'chase, verbal adj. [see chase, v.] (webplay: place).

Astir; running after; moving in a hurry; shifting quickly as a result of contact; [prothesis] chasing; a'chasing.

ache (-ing), v. [OE ac-an.] (webplay: grief, heart, pain).

  1. Hurt continuously; throb in pain; suffer from grief.
  2. Yearn; suffer from longing or loss.

achieve (-ed, -s, -ing), v. [Fr. acheve-r < L. ad caput venire, come to the end, bring to a head; see chief, adj.] (webplay: come, efforts made, head, obtain, show).

  1. Acquire by effort; come to by exertion.
  2. Accomplish; arrive at; complete successfully.

achievement, n. [see achieve, v.] (webplay: efforts made).

Accomplishment; fulfillment; completion; consummation; attainment by effort; success by exertion.

aching, n. [see ache, v.] (webplay: heart).

Throbbing pain; constant mental and physical suffering.

a'chirrup, verbal adj. [echoic; see chirping, verbal adj.]

Singing; full of sprightly tones; cheerful with the sound of birds and insects.

acknowledge (-d), v. [see know, v. and knowledge, n.] (webplay: blessed, regard).

Concede; admit; accept; identify; recognize.

acknowledgement, n. [see know, v.] (webplay: see).

Salute; recognition of the position or claims of another.

acorn (-'s), n. [OE æcern, oak or beech mast.] (webplay: feeding, grows).

Fruit of the oak or beech tree; small hard seed from which an oak tree grows; an oval nut which grows in a rough hard cup; [fig.] nucleus of the soul; core of potential from which larger things develop.