Lexicon: alike – allow

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alike, adj. [OE gelíc, ON álíkr, and OE anlíc.]

Similar; akin; comparable; much the same; resembling each other.

alike, adv. [see alike, adj.] (webplay: darkness, fashioneth, light).

Equally; similarly; of both; in like manner; to the same degree; in the same way.

aliment, n. [Fr. < L. aliment-um, nourish.]

Food; nourishment; sustenance; life support; essential provisions.

alive, adv. or verbal adj. [OE a + lífe; see life, n.] (webplay: dead, feeling, friend, full, functions, keep, life, man, mind, motion).

  1. Empowered; operating; not destroyed; not extinguished; remaining in full force; continuing in a state of action; having organs performing their functions to sustain existence.
  2. Living; not dead; in life; having vital functions; able to move, act, feel, choose, perceive, communicate; [fig.] born again; regenerated.
  3. Born; in mortality; existing as a human being.

all, adj. [Germanic all; origin uncertain.] (webplay: all along, all the cattle in Egypt died, all the just, all the land, all the years, all things, all thy goods, although, better, citizen, course, dear, degree, desired, difference, ended, entire, every, father, flock, forever, friend, great, heal, held, just, labor, land, large, long, love, moment, nest, number, parallel, part, perfect, person, qualify, safety, same, signification, shake, stake, sum, tree, wealth, whole, wind).

  1. Every; each.
  2. Every one of; the entire number of; the whole quantity of.
  3. The embodiment of.
  4. The entirety of (the); the whole of (the).
  5. Phrase. “All the”: the only; the sole.
  6. Phrase. “All the while”: the entire time.
  7. Phrase. “All the”: enough; sufficient; ample; adequate.

all, adv. [see all, adj.] (webplay: all along, cattle, citizen, difference, disposition, entire, every, heal, held, land, long, love, nest, part, tree, wind).

  1. Much; a great deal.
  2. Completely; entirely; fully; utterly.
  3. Only; solely; just.
  4. The entire way; the whole length.
  5. Phrase. “At all”: in any way; to any degree; in the least.
  6. Phrase. “All along”: continually; perpetually; constantly; always; throughout life; the entire time.
  7. Phrase. “All around/abroad”: in every direction; on every side.
  8. Phrase. “All the more”: even more; to a greater degree.
  9. Phrase. “At all”: whatever; whatsoever; of any kind.
  10. Phrase. “All but”: nearly; almost; well nigh; everything short of.
  11. Phrase. “At all”: even; ever; in the first place.

all (-'s), n. [see all, adj.] (webplay: better, course, degree, desired, died, difference, ended, enlarge, entire, every, father, fed, forever, friend, great, held, just, land, large, long, love, moment, part, perfect, signification, stake, strength, sum, tree, wealth, whole, wind, year).

  1. Fortune; huge amount; high stakes; entire sum gambled for in a game of chance.
  2. The only thing; the sole item; the whole issue.
  3. The entire amount; the grand total.
  4. Every other one.
  5. Eternity.
  6. Everyone; each one; each living being; every person or creature.
  7. Riches; wealth.
  8. Everything.
  9. The only creatures; the only ones.
  10. Phrase. “After all”: truly; actually; in reality; in the end; when everything is said and done.

alley (-s), n. [Fr. alee, walk, passage.]

Walkway; garden path; narrow passage; lane only wide enough for foot travel.

allot (-ed), v. [OFr à + loter, divide into portions; OE hlot.] (webplay: share).

Divide between; apportion to; grant to; allocate to; give to; bestow upon.

allow (-ed), v. [OFr < L. allaudā-re, praise and L. allocā-re, place, bestow.] (webplay: compensation, fathers, freedom allowable among friends, give, justify, limited, permit, truth).

  1. Permit; let; give leave to; tolerate of.
  2. Afford; concede; grant; yield.