Lexicon: abject – abolish

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abject, adj. [L. abjectus < abjicere, to throw away < ab-, from + jacere, to throw.] (webplay: away).

  1. Worthless; lowly; despicable.
  2. Abased; lowered; humbled; bent to the ground.
  3. Deplorable; hopeless; miserable; wretched; extreme.

abjure (-d), v. [L. abjuro, to deny upon oath < ab-, from + juro, to swear.]

Abandon; forswear; abstain from; overcome the need for.

ablative, adj. [L. < ab-, from + ferre, to carry.]

  1. Transient; temporary; not permanent; [L. grammar term] moving away from a place; passing away from in time; [fig.] transitory; ephemeral; mortal; bereaving; passing away.
  2. Depriving; not sustaining.

able, adj. [OFr < L. habilis, easily handled, apt < habere, to have, hold.] (webplay: power, sufficient).

  1. Powerful; omnipotent; competent.
  2. Enough; adequate in amount; appropriate in size.
  3. Competent; qualified; suitable.

ableness, n. [see able, adj.] (webplay: skill, strength).

Force, vigor.

a'bloom, verbal adj. [see bloom, v.]

Flourishing; producing flowers; beginning to open; [fig.] glowing with beauty; [prothesis] blooming; a'blooming.

a'blossom, verbal adj. [OE blóstm; see blossom, v.] (webplay: flower).

Beginning to bloom; flourishing with growth; [fig.] growing; being healthy; glowing with life; [prothesis] blossoming; a'blossoming.

a'blow, verbal adj. [OE bláwan, to blow as wind, and OE blówan, to blossom as a flower; see blow, v2.]

Moving in the wind; [word play] blossoming as a flower; [prothesis] blowing; a'blowing.

abode (-s), n. [see abide, v.] (webplay: dwell, future, place, reside, time).

  1. Paradise; heavenly home; [word play on “bode”] omen; foreshadowing; secret anticipation of something in the future; [see abide, v. and bode, n.]
  2. House; habitation; residence; dwelling place.
  3. Place; location; state of being; [fig.] body; soul.
  4. Being; existence.
  5. Sanctuary; church; divine place; sacred building; house of worship; [fig.] grave.

abolish (-ed), v. [Fr. aboliss, to grow out of use.] (webplay: death).

  1. Eliminate; destroy.
  2. End; terminate; repeal; escape from (see 2 Timothy 1:10).