Lexicon: anti – antiquity

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anti, word or morpheme crossed out in the draft of Poem 1643, Johnson edition.

antic (-s), n. [It. antico, bizarre representations of human, animal, and floral forms.]

Caper; spree; frantic movement; erratic activity; flighty maneuvering.

anticipate (-ing), v. [L. ante, before + cap-ěre, to take.] (webplay: first, life, time).

  1. Await; wait for; envision; look forward to.
  2. Expect; assume; presume; perceive.
  3. Contemplate; imagine; foresee; know ahead; think about; reflect on.

anticipation, n. [see anticipate, v.] (webplay: before).

Trepidation; excitement; motion of waiting for an event.

antidote, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'to give against'.]

Remedy; elixir; panacea; medicine; medication to counteract the effects of poison in the digestive tract; [fig.] balm; comfort; healing agent; cure for mischief, evil, or insanity.

antiquary, n. [L.; see antique, adj.] (webplay: lover of antiquities, old).

Historian; archeologist; student of the past; one who researches ancient things such as relics, artifacts, and inscriptions.

antiquated, verbal adj. [L.; see antique, adj.] (webplay: old, time).

  1. Ancient; primeval; archaic; [fig.] durable; enduring; long-lasting as a species.
  2. Extinguished; consumed; exhausted; worn-out; used up.
  3. Elderly; senior; aged; [fig.] venerable; noble; august; respected because of age.

antique (-r), adj. [L. antīqu-us former, earlier, ancient.] (webplay: ancient, old, time).

  1. Quaint; curious; anachronistic; strange; peculiar because of age.
  2. Obsolete; passé; out-dated; out-moded.
  3. Primeval; archaic; antediluvian; patriarchal; ancestral; from an earlier time.

antiquest, adv. [L.; see antique, adj.]

Most acutely; most hauntingly; most nostalgically; most memorably; more ancient, eerie, or quaint than any other time.

antiquity, n. [Fr. < L.; see antique, adj.]

Old age; passage of time; process of growing old; [fig.] winter; mortality; death.