Lexicon: assert – assume

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assert (asserting), v. [L. ad, to + serěre, join, put; put one's hand on a slave's head to claim or to free that person; thus, set free, protect, defend, declare.]

  1. Present; display; exhibit; show; attest; manifest; demonstrate openly.
  2. Substantiate; prove; validate; certify; verify; establish the predominance of; vindicate a claim to.
  3. Avow; argue; claim; insist; affirm positively; declare with confidence.

assiduously, adv. [L. assidē-re, sitting down to, closely applying to.]

Deliberately; attentively; intently; intentionally; carefully; with precision; by design; in close proximity; with constant application.

assign (-s), v. [L. ad-, to + signāre, make a sign, mark.]

Command; control; govern; appoint; dictate the movements of.

assignable, adj. [see assign, v.] (webplay: apportionment; portion).

Transferable; portable; capable of being given to another.

assist (assisted, assisting, -s), v. [Fr. < L. ad, to + sistěre, take one's stand.] (webplay: effort, lend, support).

  1. Help; aid; benefit; succor; supply relief to.
  2. Accompany; attend; escort; stand by.
  3. Support; hold up.

assistance, n. [see assist, v.] (webplay: lend, stand up, stand by, succor).

Help; aid; support.

associate (-s), v. [L. ad-sociāre, join together with < ad-, to + soius, sharing, united, allied.]

  1. Mingle; fraternize; mix with others; act as part of a system.
  2. Keep company; relate together; act as an accessory.

association, n. [see associate, v.] (webplay: matters, mind).

Communion; companionship; affinity; relationship; friendship; fellowship; rapport; unity of feelings and thoughts; [fig.] harmony; accord; peace.

assuage (-s), v. [OFr < L. ad-, to + suāvis, sweet, agreeable.] (webplay: pain).

Soothe; ease; relieve; alleviate; mitigate; lessen; appease; anoint; attend to; treat with medicine.

assume (-d, -ing, -s), v. [L. ad-, to + sūměre, take.] (webplay: claims, law, presumption, take).

  1. Believe; posit; infer; judge; appraise; evaluate; suppose as fact.
  2. Usurp; confiscate; overtake; expropriate; use without asking the owner; adopt as one's own without permission.
  3. Shoulder; support; sustain; carry responsibility for.
  4. Affect; accept; pick up; put on; choose to go with; [fig.] clothe oneself with.