Lexicon: awake – awhile

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awake, v. [see wake, v.] (webplay: life, spiritual).

  1. Revive; get ready; take action; return from a state of inactivity.
  2. Resurrect; arise from the grave; change from death to life; transform from mortality to immortality.
  3. Stop sleeping; arise from slumber; wake up.

awaken (-ed), v. [see wake, v.] (webplay: bestir, dead, light, rise).

  1. Resurrect; revive; change from mortality to eternal life.
  2. Animate; enliven; inspire; quicken; stimulate; move; motivate; touch; [fig.] delight; electrify; exhilarate.
  3. Arouse from sleep; interrupt the slumber of.

award (-s), n. [AngFr < Fr. 'observe, consider, look at, decide, examine, ordain, fix'.]

Judgment; sentence; compensation; recompense; [fig.] bonus; prize; reward.

award (-ed), v. [see award, n.]

Judge; determine; acknowledge; [fig.] honor; endow; grant.

aware, adj. [OE waer, wary, cautious.] (webplay: watchful).

  1. Awake; vigilant; on guard; paying attention.
  2. Conscious; cognizant; sentient.
  3. Apprised; informed; familiar with; having knowledge.

away, adv. [OE a-weg, on + way; see way, n.] (webplay: absent, bear, command, departure, distance, drink, endure, foolishly, go, home, idleness, invitation, kill, love, lose, master, moving, run, send away, separation, trifle, turned aside, wings).

  1. Apart; secretly; underneath; out of sight; in a safe place.
  2. Through; continuously; without interruption; until the end.
  3. Elsewhere; in a different direction; from this place to another.
  4. Missing; aloof; late; overdue; tardy.
  5. Into nothing; into oblivion; out of existence.
  6. Gone; into disuse; out of service; out of possession.
  7. Absent; truant; at a distance.
  8. On to immortality; out of life.
  9. Far; abroad; remote; geographically distant.
  10. Phrase. “Run away”: flee; desert; escape; [fig.] fade; die.

awe (-s), n. [ON agi, fear.] (webplay: death, dread, eyes, fear, help, place, stand in awe).

  1. Reverence; sublimity; veneration; respectful fear.
  2. Terror; fright; trepidation; feeling of apprehension.
  3. Admiration; wonder; amazement.

awe (-d), v. [see awe, n.] (webplay: silence, worshipful, prayer).

Amaze; astonish; overwhelm with reverence.

awful, adj. [see awe, n.] (webplay: chastisement, death, dread, eyes, fear, fills, great, place, prayer, reverence, silence, stand, strikes, terror).

  1. Harrowing; horrible; forceful; destructively powerful; violently strong.
  2. Immense; enormous; tremendous; impressive; [lit.] full of awe; awe-inspiring.
  3. Profound; solemn; reverent; intensely significant.
  4. Ghastly; spectral; unearthly.

awhile, adv. [prothesis; OE ane hwile, for a short time; see while, conj.]

Temporarily; momentarily; for a period of time.