Lexicon: accidental – accost

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accidental, adj. [see accident, n.] (webplay: colors, begins, proceeds).

  1. Sunset; nightfall; [word play] sensational; emotionally powerful; psychologically intense; [fig.] bloody; shocking; striking. [NW 1844: “Accidental colors, are those which depend upon the affections of the eye, in distinction from those which belong to light itself.”]
  2. Haphazard; random; arbitrary; casual; indiscriminate; [word play] destructive; injurious; fatal; causing damage.

acclimated, adj. [Fr. acclimate-r.]

Accustomed; inured; situated; habituated to a weather change; adapted to a different climate.

accommodate, v. [L. accommodāt-us, suitable.] (webplay: man).

Fit; harmonize; make suitable; have room for.

accompany (accompanied, accompanies, -ing), v. [Fr. accompagne-r.] (webplay: friend, journey, music, painting, society, walk).

  1. Attend; escort; walk alongside of; go with as a companion.
  2. Perform with; play a corresponding musical part to.
  3. Encircle; be associated with; be connected to.

accompanying, n. [see accompany, v.]

Companionship; fellowship; association; accompaniment.

accomplish (-ed), v. [OFr < L. accomplēre, to fill up, complete.]

Perform; fulfill; carry out; gain success by exertions.

accomplished, verbal adj. [see accomplish, v.]

  1. Complete; perfect; skillful; masterful; adept.
  2. Fully informed; perfectly versed; having good manners; possession fine qualities.

according, adv. [OFr acord, agreement.] (webplay: knowledge, lines, suitable).

  1. Depending on.
  2. Phrase. “According to”: fitting; corresponding with; concurring with; in relation to.
  3. Phrase. “According to”: in the manner specified by; in keeping with the premises of; in a manner logically agreeing with.

accordingly, adv. [see according, adv.] (webplay: beautiful lines).

As such; in the appropriate manner.

accost (accosted), v. [Fr. < L. accostāre, by the ribs, to be side by side; see coast, n.] (webplay: address, approach).

  1. Meet; encounter; confront; face each other.
  2. Address; speak to.
  3. Approach; draw near.