Lexicon: artificial – ascend

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artificial, adj. [see artifice, n.]

Unnatural; concocted; simulated; synthetic; induced; forced; contrived.

artillery, n. [Fr. < L. ar-, art.] (webplay: arrows, shot).

Weapons; ammunition; firearms; cannons and guns; [fig.] force; instruments of death; power to kill.

artisan, n. [Fr. < L. artī-re, to instruct in the arts.] (webplay: making, nature).

  1. Craftsman; artist; designer; skillful worker; [fig.] snowflake.
  2. Performing artist; creative person; [fig.] the Creator.

artist (-s), n. [Fr. < L. ars, art.] (webplay: hands).

  1. Painter; person who draws; one who uses tools to render images; master of drawing, sketching, or painting; [fig.] sunrise or sunset colors; lights and shapes of clouds in the sky at dusk or dawn.
  2. Craftsman; builder; creator; skillful worker; one having a special trade or skill.

artless, adj. [L. ars.]

Innocent; natural; guileless; simple; sincere; pure; unfeigned; without manipulation; [fig.] priceless; inestimable; without worldly value.

as, adv. [reduced form of OE alswá < all-so, wholly so, quite so, just so; see also, adv.] (webplay: appoint, as far as we can see, as he spoke, as if, be as Gods, bliss, can, commanded, deal, do, equal, equally, even, examination, explained, formerly, Garden of Eden, good, great, knowing, like, manner, office, relations, require, same, time, uncertain, while).

  1. So; equally; that amount; to that degree; to the same extent.
  2. Phrases. “As [adv.] as”: thus … like; so … like; in that degree; to that extent; in the same manner.
  3. Phrase. “Much as”: similar to; like it did; to the degree of.
  4. Phrase. “So much as”: even.
  5. Phrase. “As well”: also; in the same way.
  6. Phrase. “As yet”: until now; up to this time.

as, conj. [see as, adv.]

  1. While; when; during the time that.
  2. Phrase [conj. for adverbial clause.] “As if”: seemingly; hypothetically like.
  3. Phrase. “Just as”: like; in the same manner that.

as, prep. [see as, adv.]

  1. Like; similarly; additionally; analogous to; parallel to; in common with; with the qualities of [used for similes and analogies.]
  2. Compared with; in comparison to; in the manner of.
  3. Phrase. “as well as”: with equal appropriateness.
  4. Phrase. “as well as”: in addition to; [polysemy] with equal affinity for.
  5. Phrase. “Such as”: like; for example.
  6. Phrase. “Late as this”: even now; up until today; in the present time.

a sailing, v. [see sail, v.]

Moving on water; gliding in a vessel; traveling in a boat; [prothesis] sailing; a'sailing.

ascend (ascended, ascending), v. [L. ad- to + scenděre, climb.] (webplay: above, air, come above the horizon, first, go, gone, heaven, highth, hill, life, mean, northward, note, remotest, risen, star, sun, time, tree, upward, visible).

  1. Disappear; move up out of view; [fig.] die; go to heaven; leave mortality.
  2. Lift heavenward; grow in volume; rise in sound, pitch, or emotional intensity; pass from one musical note to another.
  3. Approach by intense effort.
  4. Rise; lift; soar; move upwards in the air.
  5. Climb; scale; move upwards on a surface.