Lexicon: adown – advantage

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adown, prep. [prothesis of “down”; OE of d┼źne, off the mount; see down, adv.] (webplay: lower).

Descending; going along; at the bottom of; moving to the end of; [word play on down, n.] softly walking in; wearing fine fur robes in.

a'dreaming, verbal adv. [prothesis; see dream, v.] (webplay: dream away life).

Asleep; in a dream world; in a state of rest; [fig.] dead; in the next life; [prothesis] dreaming.

adrift, verbal adj. [see drift, v.] (webplay: the boat was adrift).

Floating at random; sailing without direction; moving by wind; traveling at the mercy of currents; [prothesis] drifting.

adroit (adroiter), adj. [Fr. adroit, to right, rightly.]

  1. Cunning; astute; shrewd; [word play] righteous; lawful; just.
  2. Dexterous; skillful; clever; wise; adept; ingenious; inventive; resourceful.

adroitly, adv. [see adroit, adj.]

Skillfully; cleverly; deftly.

adult, n. [L. adult-us, grow up.] (webplay: grown, maturity).

Mature; grown-up; full grown; come of age; having full size and strength; [fig.] worried; tense; pressured; disillusioned; responsible.

advance, n. [see advance, v.] (webplay: face, proportion, stock, way, years).

  1. Stride; march; step; forward movement; [fig.] life.
  2. Profit; rise in value; gain in money.
  3. Progress; improvement; progression; success; attainment; development; movement to a superior position; [fig.] future; hereafter.
  4. Phrase. “In advance”: ahead in time; into the future.

advance (-d, -s), v. [OFr avance-r, move forward < L. ab- off, away + ante, before.] (webplay: bar, before, death, further, greater, old, price, the front, true, way).

  1. Continue; endure; persevere; succeed.
  2. Proceed; progress in space; move forward in time.
  3. Come forward; move towards; draw near.
  4. Approach; [word play] supply funds; furnish on credit; pay for something.
  5. Phrase. “Advancing on”: approaching; confronting; catching up with.

advancing, verbal adj. [see advance, v.] (webplay: go).

Approaching; coming; drawing nearer; [fig.] crescendo; growing louder; increasing in volume.

advantage, n. [Fr. avantage, forward.] (webplay: away, superior).

Better position; excellent situation; gain; increase.