Lexicon: afloat – after

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afloat, adv. [see float, v.] (webplay: feet).

Drifting; sailing on air; supported by a current of air.

a'fog, adj. [see fog, n.] (webplay: cloud).

Cloudy; enveloped by fog; surrounded by a fine mist; [prothesis] foggy; [fig.] sorrowful; grieving; gloomy; tearful; sentimental; full of emotion.

aforetime, adv. [afore + time.] (webplay: head, stand, time).

Previously; before; long ago.

afraid, adj. [AngFr. afraye-r, affrayer < late L. ex-fridāre, not at peace > Germanic friðu, peace.] (webplay: death, fear, God, less).

Frightened; fearful; unsettled by anxiety.

afresh, adv. [OE fersc, see fresh, adj.]

Anew; again; [prothesis] freshly.

African, proper adj. [OE < L. < Semitic afar, dust, fawn, gazelle; see Epher, son of Ketura and Abraham (see Gen. 25:1-4); also, < Phoenician Afryquah, a colony, first applied to Carthage.]

Ethiopian; from the continent south of Europe; characteristic of the southern hemisphere of the Old World; of the countries including Egypt, Liberia, and the Barbary states ; pertaining to countries near the Equator; [fig.] sunny; equatorial; tropical; warm; wild; exotic; summer-like; (see ED letters).

after, adj. [see after, prep.]

Phrase. “After Mind”: memory; thoughts of the past; [lit.] mind which is more aft or further back; [fig.] mind which is less present, such as the unconscious.

after, adv. [see after, prep.] (webplay: live, behind).

Phrase. “Ever after”: always; continually; endlessly; perpetually; invariably.

after, conj. [see after, prep.]

Following; succeeding; and another; and then another in repetition.

after, prep. [OE æfter; comparative degree of aft, rear, behind.] (webplay: asking, before, come, eye, Gods, judge, life, live, men, period, place, sentence, ship, sight, time).

  1. In pursuit of; in search of; following visually; in the direction of.
  2. In spite of.
  3. Following; later in time than; next in time from.
  4. Subsequent to; next in place from; in logical or temporal sequence from.