Lexicon: adequate – adjective

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adequate, adj. [L. adæquãt-us, equalized or level.] (webplay: fully, ideas of infinite power, just, sufficient, supply).

  1. Sufficient; enough.
  2. Appropriate; able; capable; confident; competent; fit; qualified.
  3. Ample; abundant; plentiful; generous.
  4. Secure; firm; sound; strong enough to stand.

adequate, adv. [see adequate, adj.]

Amply; decisively; definitively; effectively; efficiently; capably; unequivocally; self-sufficiently; with such competence; in such perfect order; [fig.] fully; perfectly; completely; powerfully; totally; infinitely.

adequate, n. [see adequate, adj.]

Equivalent; corresponding entity; thing equal in aspect.

adequately, adv. [see adequate, adj.]

Appropriately; properly; fitly; suitably; correctly.

adhere (-s), v. [Fr. < L. ad- + hærē-re, to stick to.] (webplay: cleave, natural).

  1. Stay; remain.
  2. Cling; attach; fasten; cleave to.

adhesion (-'s), n. [see adhere, v.]

Attachment; togetherness; closeness; affinity; [fig.] love; embrace.

adieu, interjection. [see adieu, n.] (webplay: parting).

Adios; Fare thee well; God be with you; exclamation noting or regretting the disappearance or departure of someone/something.

adieu, n. [Fr. a dieu, to God; ellipsis of I commend you to God.] (webplay: parting).

Farewell; goodbye; adios; departure; valediction; benediction; blessing at parting; [fig.] sunset; dusk; eventide.

adjacent, adj. [L. ad- + jacē-re, to lie near.] (webplay: lie, lying).

  1. Near; close in proximity; reachable; attainable.
  2. Similar; analogous; coinciding; parallel; close in resemblance.

adjective, n. [L. adjectã-re, put to, add; word play in 1488 on “less to come” and the sense of adding.]

Modifier; attribution; qualifier; addition; definition; limitation; restriction; [lit.] word used with a noun to express a particular property; part of speech that specifies or describes a person, place, or thing.