Lexicon: abrogate – absolve

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abrogate, v. [L. abrogāt-us, repeal.]

Reverse; rescind; annul; do away with.

abrupt, adv. [L. abrupt-us, break off.]

Suddenly; unexpectedly; with force; without preparation; breaking open; [fig.] separating the body and spirit in death.

abscond (-s), v. [L. abscond-ěre, hide or stow away.]

  1. Leave mysteriously; become reclusive; retire from society; hide away from people.
  2. Withdraw; disappear.

absence, n. [Fr. absence; see absent, adj.] (webplay: home, place).

Departure; being away; not being present; remaining at a distance.

absent, adj. [Fr. absent < L. ab + sum, to be away.] (webplay: away, mind, place).

  1. Dead.
  2. Silent because not present.
  3. Away; far off; not present; distant in place.
  4. Missing; distant in time.

absentee, n. [see absent, adj.] (webplay: away).

Invisible being; person not present; one who has left; one who lives in a far place; one who has gone away from home; [fig.] deceased; departed one; one who is dead.

absently, adv. [see absent, v.] (webplay: mind).

Mindlessly; unconsciously; carelessly; indifferently; without presence of mind.

absolute, adj. [Fr. absolut < L. absolūt-um, loosened, free, acquitted.] (webplay: die, earth, equation, God, independent, live).

  1. Unavoidable; inescapable; inevitable.
  2. Real; objective; ideal; perfect; unchangeable; not relative; unaffected by outward perception; independent of cause and effect.
  3. Persistent; independent of any hindrance.
  4. Whole; full; entire; final; complete in time; [fig.] deathlike.
  5. Necessary; essential; imperative; obligatory; basic.
  6. Sure; certain; definite; positive.
  7. Authoritative; unquestionable; unconditional; elemental; inalterable; supreme; divine.

absolute, n. [see absolute, adj.] (webplay: die, live, gravity, independent, philosophy, relative).

  1. Independence; autonomy; supremacy; sovereignty in its own sphere.
  2. Incomparable being; divine person; ultimate reality; unchangeable entity; eternal nature of Deity in contrast with relativity; immortality in contrast with the uncertain nature of mortality.

absolve (-d), v. [L. absolvěre, loosen, acquit, complete; see absolute. adj.]

Excuse; vindicate; separate; resolve; set free; release from obligation.