Lexicon: approving – arc

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approving, verbal adj. [OFr < L. ad + probā-re, try the goodness of, prove.] (webplay: approved to God, measures).

Pleased; accepting; appreciative; satisfied; confirming.

apricot, n. [Port. albricoque or Sp. albaricoque < Arab. 'ripe in early summer'.] (webplay: berry, delicious).

Sweet orange fleshy stone-fruit; plum-like golden fruit of the genus Prunus.

April, proper n. [OFr < L. aprīlis.] (webplay: year).

Fourth month of the year; spring month in the northern hemisphere; time after winter when plants grow and flowers bloom again; [fig.] resurrection; time of rebirth; period of growth and renewal in Nature.

apron (-s), n. [OFr naperon < L. mappa, table-napkin.] (webplay: covers, covering, dust, flooring, worn).

  1. Corolla; [fig.] petal of a flower; white flower of the lily plant.
  2. Protective outer garment; extra piece of cloth used to keep clothes clean; leather work skirt covering the front of the body.
  3. Raiment; garment for cooking; [fig.] colorful clouds; sky with colored clouds.

aptitude, n. [Fr. < L. apt-us, fitted, suited, appropriate.]

Ability; tendency; readiness; faculty; potential; propensity; natural disposition; inborn inclination.

aquatic, adj. [or n.; Fr. < L. aqua, water.]

Watery; blue liquid.

arable, adj. [L. arā-re, to plow.]

Fit for plowing; tillable.

Ararat, proper n. [Heb. < Assyrian Urartu, ancient kingdom north of Assyria; poss. < *IE ar, mountain.]

Holy mountain; mountainous district near Armenia and Persia; high peak where Noah's ark landed after the flood (see Genesis 8:4); [fig.] home; temple; permanent haven; long-term sanctuary; final resting place; promised land; restoration of life; spring season of regeneration.

arbitrate, v. [L. 'examine, give judgment as a supreme ruler'.]

Mediate; intervene; negotiate; intercede for someone's welfare; [legal term] hear and decide a case; [ironic] meddle; interfere.

arc (-s), n. [OFr < L. arcum, bow, arch, curve.] (webplay: circumference, stretching, up).

  1. Orbit; ellipse; circular path.
  2. Expanse; area; space; realm; domain; universe; reality.
  3. Upward trajectory; curved path into the sky.
  4. Bow; arch; dome; vault; [word play on “architecture”] overpass; suspension bridge; [fig.] spider's web; network of suspended fibers.
  5. Length of a semi-circle; geometric measurement of part of a circle; [fig.] extent; degree; magnitude; scale; intensity; power; strength.
  6. Crescent; curved line; [fig.] wingspan.