Lexicon: attempt – attract

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attempt, n. [see attempt, v.] (webplay: attempt a bold flight).

  1. Effort; exertion; strain; work; labor.
  2. Attack; fight; [fig.] will to live; struggle for life.
  3. Unsuccessful effort; hopeless endeavor.

attempt (attempted, attempting), v. [OFr < L. ad + tento, try, test, stretch.] (webplay: attempt a bold flight, endeavor, essay, gain, point, speak).

  1. Labor; strain; struggle.
  2. Aspire to reach; seek to procure; strive to obtain.
  3. Attack; assail; assault.
  4. Try; undertake.

attend (attended, -eth), v. [Fr. < L. ad, toward + tenděre, to stretch.] (webplay: death, suns).

  1. Serve; wait on; administer to; [fig.] comfort; reassure; soothe.
  2. Watch; observe; look at; pay attention to.
  3. Follow; stalk; hunt; track.
  4. Accompany; escort; be in the company of others.

attendance, n. [see attend, v.] (webplay: attention, connection, death, doom, ill, love, service, suns).

  1. Presence; gathering of many people; body of persons present; large group of beings; [word play] attention; alertness; notice; recognition; watchfulness; acknowledgment.
  2. Service; administration; ministering; care-taking; waiting upon; fulfillment of duty.

attendant (-s), n. [see attend, v.] (webplay: death, delay, service).

Escort for royalty; [fig.] mourner; funeral participant.

attention (-'s), n. [see attend, v.] (webplay: attending, dying, mind, stranger).

  1. Heed; notice; regard; respect; deference; act of obedience.
  2. Sight; vision; [fig.] consciousness; awareness; perception.
  3. Affection; interest; attraction.

attest (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. < L. ad + testā-re, to bear witness < testis.] (webplay: conscious, words).

Affirm; prove; testify of; verify to be true or real; bear witness of.

attire (-d, -th), v. [OFr 'arrange, put in order, array, equip, dress, deck' < a + tieira, into row or order; see tier, n.; Webster 1844 says < Fr. atourner, to dress a bride.]

  1. Accompany; enhance; amplify; elaborate; embellish; add to.
  2. Dress; clothe; [fig.] cover with layers of bright feathers.

attitude (-s), n. [Fr. < It. attitudine, fitness, adaptation, disposition, posture < L. aptus, fit; see aptitude, n.] (webplay: posture, time).

  1. Intention; aim; objective; purpose; attempt; plan.
  2. Location; stance; physical position; [fig.] mental state.
  3. Disposition; outlook; frame of mind; [word play] stature; prominence; altitude.
  4. Appearance; aspect; demeanor; image; look; [fig.] opinion; habit of thought.

attract (attracted, -s), v. [L. ad + trahěre, to drag, draw.] (webplay: gravity, stone).

Bring; invite; allure; entice; pull near to by irresistible force.