Lexicon: antler – anywhere

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antler (-s), n. [OFr < L. anteoculār-em, in front of the eyes.] (webplay: horn).

Branch; stem; jut; projection; protuberance; excrescence; goring instrument; part of a stag's natural head ornamentation.

anvil (-'s), n. [unknown; may be cognate with silver.] (webplay: hammer).

Iron block; flat smooth surface for beating metal into shape; [fig.] circumstances that shape the soul; place in the soul where love grows stronger.

anxious, adj. [L. 'troubled in mind' < ang-ěre, choke, distress.]

Careful; cautious; circumspect; prudent; vigilant.

any, adj. [OE án, one + ig, adj. suffix.] (webplay: against, many, none, nor knoweth any man the Father, one, sell, small, some, uncertain).

  1. [Not] even one.
  2. The least; the slightest; even a little bit of.
  3. Another; alternative.
  4. Whatsoever; whatever; indefinite; indeterminate; unspecified; no matter which.
  5. Phrase. “Any more”: henceforth; from now on; from this time forward.
  6. Phrase. “Any one”: anyone; whatever person; one of the people.

any, adv. [see any, adj.] (webplay: Father, many, sell).

  1. Ever again; at all; [with a negative connotation.]
  2. Whatever degree; at all; [modifying a comparative adj.]
  3. Phrase. “Any other”: someone else; another person.

any, pron. [see any, adj.] (webplay: God, musicus, none, one, praying, small).

  1. Whoever; a person; whatever individual; someone; somebody; [see anyone, pron. and anybody, pron.]
  2. Whatever; one thing; even a little thing; [see anything, pron.]
  3. People; part of a group of people.
  4. Whatever creature.
  5. Phrase. “Any one”: at least one person; [see anyone, pron.]

anybody (-'s), pron. [see any, adj. + body, n.] (webplay: ask, God, many, praying, small).

  1. Even one person; at least one person.
  2. Someone; whatever person.

anyone, pron. [see any, adj. + one, n.] (webplay: God).

No other person.

anything, pron. [see any, adj. + thing, n.]

  1. One subject; even one entity.
  2. One element; even one fact.

anywhere, adv. [see any, adj. + where, adv.] (webplay: sell).

  1. In whatever place; here or there; near or far.
  2. To a specific place; to a definite location.