Lexicon: absorb – abundant

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absorb (absorbed), v. [L. absorber, swallow up.]

  1. Preoccupy; engross; totally involve; engage in thought.
  2. Incorporate; assimilate; soak up; take into itself.

absorbed, verbal adj. [see absorb, v.]

Engaged; completely engrossed; totally involved.

abstemious, adj. [L. abs, off and tēmētum, ancient name for strong wine, intoxicating liquor.]

Temperate; restrained; moderate; abstinent; self-disciplined.

abstemiously, adv. [see abstemious, adj.]

Sparingly; selectively; carefully; moderately; temperately.

abstemiousness, n. [see abstemious, adj.] (webplay: wine).

Abstinence; austerity; temperance; sparing use of strong drink; moderate consumption of delicacies; [oxymoron with “Banquet”.]

abstinence, n. [Fr. abstinence > L. abstinē-re, withhold, hold away from.] (webplay: food, labor).

  1. Deferring; postponing; not partaking; act of refraining from an activity.
  2. Act of fasting; refraining from eating; denial of nourishment; [fig.] emptiness.

absurd, adj. [Fr. absurde, inharmonious, foolish > L. ab + surdus, deaf, inaudible, insufferable to the ear.]

Unreasonable; ridiculous; senseless; foolish.

absurdity, n. [see absurd, adj.]

Foolishness; folly; senseless act.

abundance, n. [OFr aboundance; see abundant, adj.]

Fullness; superfluity; overflowing quantity; plenty of food; [fig.] hope of reunion with loved ones.

abundant, adj. [OFr > L. abundant-em, overflowing > L. ab + bundā-re, to flow in waves.]

Plentiful; full; having great quantity.