Lexicon: auspiciously – authorize

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auspiciously, adv. [L. aví-s, bird + specěre, behold, observe.]

Fortunately; happily; luckily; successfully; with favorable result; with good omen.

austere (-r), adj. [OFr < L. < Gk 'making the tongue dry and rough'.]

  1. Severe; strict; abstinent; self-disciplined; restrained; stringently moral.
  2. Bleak; stark; bare; frugal; temperate; abstemious; [fig.] cold; deathly.

austere, adv. [see austere, adj.] (webplay: south).

Coolly; coldly; [fig.] gravely; seriously; soberly; [word play; see Webster's “auster, n. The south wind”] into winter; to the south.

austerity, n. [see austere, adj.] (webplay: south wind; wine).

Asceticism; rigor; harsh discipline; severity of life; monastic mortification; lack of luxury; [fig.] sour taste; dry-flavored drink.

Austin, proper n. [clipping of Augustine, see August, adj.]

Austin Dickinson (1829-1895); first name of ED's older brother; husband of Susan Gilbert Dickinson; (see ED letters).

Austrian, proper n. [L. austr-, south; or, Med. L. Marchia austriaca, eastern boundary.] (webplay: wind).

Southern wind; storm front; warm moist air current; [word play] person from the eastern empire of Europe; citizen of the nation of Austria.

authentic, adj. [OFr < L. < Gk 'original,' 'of first hand authority,' 'a principal, master, autocrat'.]

True; genuine; reliable; trustworthy; worthy of acceptance; deserving belief; in accordance with fact.

author, n. [OFr. > L. augere, make grow, originate, promote, increase.]

Writer; creator of text; one who composes a book.

authority, n. [F. < L.; see author, n.] (webplay: creates, subjects).

  1. Personal influence.
  2. Divine power; heavenly command.

authorize (-d), v. [Fr. < L.; see author, n.] (webplay: place, suppress).

Ratify; allow; accept; give credence; legally sanction; duly appoint.