Lexicon: arithmetic – around

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arithmetic, n. [OFr < L. < Gk 'number', 'art of measure, counting'.]

Computation; calculation; adding up; reckoning; estimation; appraisal; assessment; tallying; [fig.] awareness; esteem; appreciation; recognition.

ark (-s), n. [OE arc, probably < L. arca chest, box, coffer.]

Boat; vessel that Noah built to survive the Flood in Genesis 6-9; [fig.] sanctuary; haven; shelter; refuge.

arm (-s), n. [OE < Germanic < IE ar-, fit, join.] (webplay: body, fit, foot, hand, intended, life, might, one, part, root, sea, slender, water).

  1. Power; might; strength.
  2. Protection; refuge.
  3. Any limb-like feature extending from a large mass.
  4. Transport; translation; death and resurrection; means of transition from mortality to the afterlife.
  5. Weapon; [metonymy] gallantry; protection of a knight in armor.
  6. Limb extending from shoulder to hand.
  7. Phrase. “Arm in arm”: together; in close communion.

arm, v. [see arms, plural n.]

Fortify; put on protect itself; gird to defend itself.

armed, verbal adj. [see arms, plural n.] (webplay: sword).

Fortified; prepared for conflict; ready to fight; bearing weapons of war; furnished with means of defense, as a gentleman.

arms, plural n. [Fr. < L. arma, fittings, tackle, gear < IE ar-, to fit, join.] (webplay: law).

Weapons of war; instruments of defense; tools of protection, indicating the status of a gentleman; [clipping of “coat of arms”] status symbols; armorial ensigns of a noble family; colorful figures on shields and banners; marks of distinction passed from father to son.

army (armies), n. [Fr. < L. armāre, act of arming, armament, armed force.] (webplay: artillery, brigades, war).

  1. Troop; legion; company; regiment in colorful uniforms; group of soldiers with weapons; [fig.] brightly-colored sunset shapes; colorful patterns of light at dusk.
  2. Rival; adversary; antagonist; opposing force; powerful competing entities.
  3. Host; [fig.] foliage; colorful autumn leaves.

aroma, n. [OFr < L. < Gk.] (webplay: summer).

Spicy smell; pleasant scent; evocative odor; fragrance from plants; [fig.] subtle quality; pervasive emotion; feelings; sentiment; memory; nostalgia; recollection.

aromatic, adj. [see aroma, n.]

Fragrant; perfumed; sweet smelling; full of pleasant scent; exuding a spicy odor.

around, adv. [see round, adv.] (webplay: all, every, fixed, side).

  1. Throughout; belonging to everyone.
  2. Towards; turning to face (someone); in the direction of (someone).
  3. In a different direction; towards a different place; [fig.] towards death; away from this life and towards the next life; rolling away in the fixed stare of death.
  4. Phrase. “All around”: everywhere; in all directions.