Lexicon: a courting – across

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a courting, v. [OIt. corteare, reside at court; see court, v.] (webplay: brought, gentleman, great, highest, justice, kindness, love, marriage, martial, seek, sought, sovereign, space, woo, wooing).

Paying attention to each other; [prothesis] courting; a'courting.

acquaint (acquainted), v. [OFr acointe-r, make known.] (webplay: be acquainted with, make familiar, friend).

  1. Knowing each other; accustomed to each other; familiar with each other.
  2. Familiar; associating; relating through personal experience.

acquaintance (-s), n. [see acquaint, v.] (webplay: acquainted with, friend, know, lover, make, man, success, sorrows).

  1. Knowledge through personal experience.
  2. Associate; colleague; friend; person known familiarly.

acquiescence, n. [L. acquiesco, be quiet.]

Silent agreement; passive assent.

acquire (-ed), v. [L. acquiro, seek, follow, press, urge.] (webplay: art, habits, skill).

Obtain; permanently gain by various means.

acquisition, n. [see acquire, v.] (webplay: art, attainment, book, death, learning).

Act of obtaining something for oneself.

acquit (-ted), v. [OFr acuiter.]

Exonerate; forgive; pardon; vindicate; justify; absolve; find innocent.

acre (-s), n. [OE æcer; cf. Sanskrit ajras, plain, untenanted land.] (webplay: frontiers, larger, open field, property, sowed, sum).

  1. Parcel; division; plot; tract; piece of land.
  2. Ground; soil.
  3. Sprawling extant; vast amount.
  4. Dwelling place; space for existence; [fig.] graveyard; cemetery.
  5. Specific location; identifiable territory; particular status.
  6. Portion; [fig.] vitality; life.
  7. Earth; world.

acrid, adj. [L. acri-s, sharp, pungent.] (webplay: pungent, taste).

Pungent; sharp; bitter tasting; strong to the taste.

across, adv. [Fr. encroix, in + cross.] (webplay: passing over at any angle, as a line passing across another).

  1. Draping over; in suspension upon.
  2. Communicating; transmitting a message; [word play on making the sign of the cross] possibly “a cross.”
  3. From one side to the other; [NW says: “as a bridge is laid across a river”.]