Lexicon: adjoin – admiration

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adjoin (adjoining), verbal adj. [OFr < L. ad- + jung- ěre, to join.] (webplay: lie next to, placing).

  1. Adjacent; neighboring; contiguous; nearby.
  2. Existing nearby; surviving; continuing; still here.
  3. Congenial; human; mortal; related; not strange; not unknown.

adjourn (-s), v. [OFr > L. ad- + jurnus, a day.] (webplay: day's work, without day).

Separate to meet again later; suspend for constitution at another time or place; release temporarily in order to reappear in another place; move to a different meeting place without disbanding; change location using only the time it takes to move to a new place.

adjourning, adj. [see adjourn, v.]

Retreating; retiring; shrinking; withdrawing; [fig.] cowardly; fearful; fainting; quitting.

adjunct, n. [L. adjunct-us, joined < L. ad- + jung-ěre, to join.]

Auxiliary; addition; personal enhancement; accompanying quality of the body or mind; [grammar term] amplification of the subject; enhancement of the predicate; word expanding the essential parts of a sentence.

adjure, v. [L. ad- + jũrã-re, swear, put to an oath.]

Compel; charge solemnly; entreat earnestly; beseech with solemnity.

adjust (adjusted, -s), v. [Fr. adjuste-r, to add < L. ad- + juxta, near, refashioned after L. ad- + jũstus, just, straight; Webster says: see Just < Fr juste, settle.] (webplay: affairs, erect, fit, garment, put, result, settle, straight, system).

  1. Accustom; accommodate; adapt; alter; fine tune; focus to fit.
  2. Attach; position; set in place.
  3. Regulate; alter; change; modify; [fig.] reconcile.
  4. Arrange; deposit; situate; put to rest; settle with attention to fine details [esp. for funeral arrangements.]
  5. Acclimate to; adapt to; conform to; comply with.
  6. Organize; order; rearrange the schedule of.

administer, v. [OFr < L. ad- + ministrãre, serve, manage.]

Distribute; dispense; confer; endow; [legal] serve as executor of; dispose of the goods and manage the estate of; apply the natural laws and results of; [word play] contribute to; provide to; give to.

admirable (-r), adj. [Fr.; comparative form = “more admirable”; see admire, v.] (webplay: see).

Greater; more wonderful; more praiseworthy; more awe-inspiring; more divine.

admiralty, n. [OFr < med. L. < Arab. amir, commander.] (webplay: power).

Command of a navy; Office of Lord High Admiral in Great Britain; [fig.] principality; dominion; highest rank; office of honor; position of great status in the world.

admiration (-s), n. [Fr.; see admire, v.] (webplay: compound, see).

Wonder; esteem; veneration mingled with love; compound emotion of awe and pleasure; gratified contemplation with an element of surprise.