Lexicon: apart – apostate

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apart, adv. [Fr. à + part, place, side.] (webplay: separate, set apart).

  1. Away from each other; distant from each other.
  2. Discrete; distinct; alone; individually; independently.

apartment (-s), n. [Fr. < L. partī-re, divide, share.] (webplay: house, place).

  1. Space; location; site; spot; [fig.] grave; tomb; sepulcher.
  2. Room; accommodations; dwelling place; suite of rooms; living quarters.
  3. Container; compartment; [fig.] cocoon.

ape, v. [OE apa, generic name for members of the monkey family.]

Imitate; mimic; simulate; copy; impersonate.

Apennine, proper n. [see Appenine, proper n.]

apocalypse, n. [L. < Gk 'uncover,' 'disclose'; Greek name for the book of Revelation in the New Testament.] (webplay: Revelation).

  1. Advent; vision of the Beloved; approach of the Bridegroom to the Bride; [fig.] Second Coming of Christ to the Church, as described in chapters 21-22 of Revelation.
  2. Appearance; emergence; manifestation; arrival; showing; growth.

apocalyptic, adj. [see apocalypse, n.]

Visionary; transformed; mystic; ethereal; refined; celestial; other worldly.

apologize, v. [see apology, n.]

  1. Make excuse; ask pardon.
  2. Explain; defend; justify; vindicate.
  3. Rationalize; ask forgiveness; say “I am sorry”; acknowledge a fault; express regret without defense.

apology, n. [Gk apo, off, away + logia, speaking.] (webplay: censured).

  1. Explanation; defense; grounds; justification of the existence.
  2. Excuse; confession; request for forgiveness.

apostasy (apostacy), n. [L. < Gk 'standing off', 'withdrawal', 'desertion of one's faith'.]

Abandon; rebellion; renunciation; forswearing; recklessness; intemperance; indulgence; profligacy; debauchery; wildness; mutiny; defiance; insolence; recanting.

apostate, n. [see apostasy, n.]

Upstart; renegade; maverick; infidel; heretic; agitator; dissident; radical; nonconformist; troublemaker; heathen; pagan; eccentric creature.