Lexicon: around – arrived

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around, prep. [see round, prep.] (webplay: all, brows, encircling, every, round, side, town, travel).

  1. In orbit with; moving in a circular path in relation to.
  2. About; close to; near to; next to; in the area of; in the vicinity of.
  3. Girding; constricting; in contact with by encircling.
  4. To the side of; not going through but rather on the edge of.
  5. In a path above; moving over; going from place to place in.
  6. On the other side of.
  7. Among; surrounding; enveloping; on all sides of.
  8. Embracing; enclosing; encompassing; encircling; [fig.] possessing; claiming; containing.

Arragon, proper n. [var. spelling of “Aragon”; < Sp. Arragón < Celtic ar, to flow < *IE ar, water; first applied to Aragon River.]

Region of northeastern Spain; medieval kingdom in the Iberian peninsula; birthplace of Catherine of Aragon, queen of England and first wife of Henry VIII.

arraign (-s), v. [AngFr < OFr < L. ad + ratiōnāre, reason, talk reasonably.]

  1. [Legal term] indict; charge with fault; accuse of wrong-doing; take account of; take responsibility for; [word play on “reign” or “rein”] lead; direct; control.
  2. Interrogate; question; examine.

arrange (-ed), v. [OFr à + rangier, rank.] (webplay: hands, made, parts, put, rows).

  1. Identify astronomically; rank in order from hottest to coldest.
  2. Plan; settle; prepare; make plans for.
  3. Organize; put in order; place in a series; line up; set in place.

array (-s), n. [AngFr < OFr. 'make ready', 'put in order'.] (webplay: fine, man, place, see).

  1. Clothing; attire; apparel; raiment; costume; presentation of fine jewelry.
  2. Panorama; scene; exhibition; presentation; production; show; impressive display; [fig.] beauty of nature; colorful sunset or sunrise.
  3. Armada; battleship formation; display of force; arrangement in military lines; exhibition of a navy ready for confrontation; [fig.] dramatically colorful sunset patterns.
  4. Appearance; [fig.] petals; blossom; bloom; flower; (see Luke 12:27).
  5. Phrase. “One in the red array”: glorious morning of the resurrection; [fig.] Christ, who will descend in robes of red in the Second Coming; (see Isaiah 63:2); the Lord, as “the bright and morning star”; (see Revelation 22:6).

array (-ed), v. [see array, v.] (webplay: dress, glory, man, right, see).

  1. Invest; [fig.] renew; revive; restore; resurrect.
  2. Involve; employ; absorb; engage; immerse; occupy.
  3. Clothe; prepare; equip; [fig.] adorn; beautify; decorate; glorify; endow.

arrest (arrested), v. [OFr < L. ad to, at + restāre, remain, stop < re, back + stāre, stand.] (webplay: eyes, find, senses, world).

  1. Notice; discover; remark; capture; apprehend; comprehend; seize; grasp; understand.
  2. Stop; block; hinder; impede; obstruct; prevent from going.
  3. Attract; catch the attention of; cause one to stare at.

arrestless, adj. [ED neologism; see arrest, v.]

Incessant; continual; unceasing; unstoppable in sound.

arrive, v. [OFr < L. ad, to + rīpa, shore.]

Come; appear; happen; materialize; unfold.

arrived, verbal n. [see arrive, v.] (webplay: point).

Achiever; winner; person who has reached a specific destination or goal; people that have attained full development; those who have achieved success or distinction.