Lexicon: annihilation – anonymous

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annihilation, n. [see annihilate, v.] (webplay: exists).

Destruction; desolation; reduction to nothingness.

anniversary, n. [L. annus, year + versus, turn.] (webplay: year).

Remembrance of an event; commemoration of a past event; celebration on the same calendar day each year; [cultural] requiem mass; year's mind; religious service in memory of someone's death day.

Anno, n. [see Anno Dominies, proper n.]

Anno Dominies, proper n. [L. 'in the year of our Lord'.] (webplay: year).

Phrase. “Anno Dominies”: A.D.; alternative for B.C.E.; time measured from Christ's birth; the year the Lord was born; beginning of the era of Christ; [lit.] in the year of the Lord; [fig.] eternal life.

announce (-ed, -ing), v. [OFr < L. ad, to + nuntiā-re, bear a message, bring news.] (webplay: tell).

  1. Proclaim; publish; declare; make known; report with conviction; [fig.] teach; profess.
  2. Present; herald; proclaim; formally introduce; report the presence of.

annual, adj. [OFr < L. annus, year.]

Yearly; seasonal; returning every spring; [fig.] renewing; resurrection; restoration; pertaining to Easter.

annul (-ed, -s), v. [L. ad, to + null-um, nothing.]

  1. Cancel; negate; retract; take away; remove.
  2. Dissolve; void; nullify; reduce to nothing.

anodyne (-s), n. [L. < Gk 'painless'.] (webplay: pain).

  1. Balm; medicine; opiate; narcotic; [fig.] comfort; assuagement; source of relief; alleviation from emotional distress or grief.
  2. Tune; soothing sound; pleasing melody.

anomaly, n. [L. < Gk 'irregular', 'unequal'.]

Irregularity; exception; deviation from the norm.

anonymous, adj. [Gk an- + onoma name + -ous.] (webplay: without).

Nameless; undefined; not understood.