Lexicon: admire – adorn

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admire (-d, -ing), v. [Fr. admire-r, to wonder.] (webplay: universe).

Revere; adore; regard with wonder; awe mingled with affection; gaze on with pleasure.

admiring, verbal adj. [see admire, v.] (webplay: degree, face).

Esteeming; honoring; flattering; complimentary.

admission, n. [L. admissiōn-em.]

Admittance; right of entrance; permission to attend; consent to participate; access to an event; [fig.] experience; initiation.

admit (-s, -ted, -ting), v. [OFr. < L. ad + mittěre, to send.] (webplay: actual, conceded, easy, enter, house, mind, place, receive, right, ticket, true).

  1. Permit to enter; grant access to; allow right of entrance.
  2. Acknowledge; accept; concede; notice; recognize; receive as true.
  3. Confess; profess; divulge; declare; reveal.

admonish (-ed), v. [L. admonestã-re, remind, warn.]

  1. Exhort; entreat; beseech; urge; plead with; humbly request.
  2. Guide; advise; inform; instruct; warn; keep from fault.

admonition, n. [OFr admonition.] (webplay: gentle).

Warning; teaching; correction; caution; reproof; counsel against fault; instruction in duty.

adoration, n. [see adore, v.]

Worshipful love; respectful affection; profound reverence; honor to a divine being; homage to one in high esteem.

adore (-d, -ing, -s), v. [Fr. < L. 'speak, entreat, mouth'; NW says: “in order to kiss one's hand, the hand is carried to one's mouth.”] (webplay: divine, glorify, God, hand, high esteem, love, practice, worship).

  1. Desire; prefer; embrace; espouse.
  2. Express gratitude; show appreciation; [lit.] thank by touching the hand; praise by kissing the hand.
  3. Respect; treat deferentially; especially notice; acknowledge with distinction.
  4. Revere; admire; worship with profound reverence; love in the highest degree; regard with utmost esteem.

adoring, n. [see adore, v.] (webplay: divine, head, high).

Adoration; admiration; acknowledgment; fame; special notice; praise of the world; attention of people.

adorn (adorned, adorning), v. [OFr aourne-r < L.] (webplay: bride, dress, excellence; make beautiful).

  1. Decorate; beautify with dress; clothe with lovely garments; deck with external ornaments; garnish to make pleasing [esp. for a wedding.]
  2. Elaborate; explain; display the order of; demonstrating the elegance of.
  3. Prepare; outfit; equip; furnish.
  4. Fantasize; embellish; enhance; exaggerate; make better through imagination.
  5. Complement; act as accessory to; be an ornament to; add honor, splendor, or attraction by being present.