Lexicon: aggrandizement – agony

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aggrandizement, n. [see aggrandize, v.] (webplay: chief, splendid).

Exaltation; honor; rank; power; [fig.] prize; treasure; prize; wealth; golden fleece.

aggravate, v. [L. aggravāre, make heavy or troublesome.]

Inflame; exasperate; frustrate; upset.

aggregate, adj. [L. aggregāt-us, united in a flock < gregā-re, to collect.]

Diverse; piecemeal; mixed up; conglomerative; compounded; multifarious; sundry; various; composed of many individual particles.

aggregate, n. [see aggregate, adj.]

Sum; total; whole; collection; accumulation; assemblage.

agile, adj. [Fr. < L. agě-re, to do.] (webplay: bending).

Nimble; flexible; limber; supple; swift; quick moving.

aglow (a'glow), adv. [see glow, v.] (webplay: day, fire).

Brightly; gloriously; luminous; radiant; refulgent; resplendent; dazzling; shining; [prothesis] glowing; a'glowing.

ago, verbal adj. [or adv.; prothesis; OE a, forth, away, out + go; see go, v.] (webplay: go, gone, a year ago).

Past; previous; earlier; elapsed; expired; since; preceding; before in time; prior to this time.

agonized, verbal adv. [see agony, n.]

Painfully; poignantly; piercingly; aching; straining; struggling; with great effort; in tones of anguish.

agonizing, verbal adj. [see agony, n.]

  1. Anguish-causing; excruciating; distressing; torturous; [fig.] harmful; insidious; pernicious; treacherous.
  2. Painful to express; difficult to speak; hard to articulate.

agony, n. [L. agōnia > Gk 'wrestling', 'physical contest', 'mental struggle'.] (webplay: anguish, death, extreme, severe).

  1. Intense sorrow; severe suffering; deep trouble; prolonged grief; mental anguish.
  2. Christlike suffering; extreme spiritual and physical travail; anguish comparable to the desolation of Jesus in Gethsemane and on Calvary; (see Luke 22:41-44).
  3. Physical anguish; extreme pain; [fig.] death; dissolution.