Lexicon: accostal – accustomed

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accostal, adv. [ED neologistic variant; pun on accost and coast.]

Phrase. “To accostal”: to the coast; to the other side; [fig.] beyond death; to the next life; to life after death.

account, n. [OFr aconte-r, to calculate.] (webplay: man, sun, years).

Doom; fate; judgement; reckoning; report of one's deeds in life; [fig.] death; final reckoning at the judgement seat of God after death.

account (-ed), v. [see account, n.] (webplay: days, esteem, estimation, less, relation, sun).

  1. Consider; regard; view as.
  2. Treasure; esteem; value; regard highly.

accoutred, verbal adj. [MFr accoustre-r, to robe a clergyman; NW: < Norman coste, a coat, a rich cloth or vestment for festivals.]

Dressed; furnished; equipped; [fig.] armed with weapons; clothed in military attire.

accredit (-ed), v. [Fr. accrédite-r; see credit, v.] (webplay: mind, nation).

Authorize; condone; recognize; give identity.

accrue, v. [Fr. accrue, grow, increase.]

Accumulate; collect; be added upon.

accurate, adj. [L. accūrātus.] (webplay: truth).

Exact; precise; correct as the result of care.

accuse (-ed), v. [Fr. < L. accūsāre, to call to account, to find cause.] (webplay: tribunal).

Indict; blame; condemn; charge with a fault.

accustom (accustomed), v. [OFr acostume-r, see custom, n.] (webplay: familiar, habit, use).

  1. Adjust; accommodate; adapt; conform; [word play on “costume”] clothe; cover; dress up; [fig.] prepare for burial; place in a coffin; wrap in a shroud.
  2. Phrase. “Accustomed to”: familiar with; comfortable with; used to.

accustomed, verbal adj. [see accustom, v.] (webplay: familiar).

  1. Frequently visited; habitually traveled to.
  2. Usual; customary; habitual; familiar; regular.