Lexicon: abundant – accident

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abundant, adv. [see abundant, adj.] (webplay: ample, truth).

Profusely; bounteously; generously; copiously; with ampleness.

abut (-s), v. [OFr abouter, border on, join two things end to end.]

Confront; face off; meet head on; make a border with; touch with a projecting part.

abyss (-'s), n. [Gk 'bottomless, the deep'.] (webplay: face, lost, time).

  1. Air; atmosphere; space.
  2. Chasm; gap; breach; void space; [fig.] grave; sepulchre.
  3. Unmeasurable space; empty place.
  4. Bottomless gulf; deep mass of water.

a caper (a'caper), v. [see caper, v.]

Rustling; dancing; stirring; making a pleasant sound by moving; [prothesis] capering; a'capering; [word play on the noun phrase] a rustle; a stir of wind; [fig.] a dance; a mirthful movement.

accede (-d), v. [L. accedo, yield, give place.]

Agree; consent; assent; submit; yield; accept terms of negotiation.

accent (-ed, -s), n. [Fr. < L. ad + cantus, singing.] (webplay: speaking, voice, word).

  1. Tone of voice; intonation of speech; stress of the voice upon certain syllables.
  2. Speech; discourse; language; words.
  3. Page; passage; word; line; metrical verse; [fig.] text; message; letter; volume of poetry; contents of a book.

accented, adj. [see accent, n.]

Marked by emphasis; punctuated by feelings; expressing needs non-verbally.

accept (accepted, -s), v. [Fr. accepte-r.] (webplay: costs, hands, Lord, proposals, take).

  1. Take; receive.
  2. Assume; welcome; take upon oneself; take the responsibility of.
  3. Agree to do something; understand the idea of something.

accessible, adj. [Fr. accessible.] (webplay: town, way).

Attainable; reachable; available; open for travel.

accident, n. [Fr. < L. accid-ěre, to fall, to happen.] (webplay: action, begins, design, known, meet, place, proceeds, unknown).

  1. Phenomenon; occurrence; experience.
  2. Mishap; unexpected event; unforeseen circumstance; event proceeding from an unknown cause.
  3. Coincidence; chance; fortune.