Lexicon: alter – a marching

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alter (-ed, -s), v. [Fr. < L. alter, other.] (webplay: change, day, entire, God, higher, manner, nature, night, only, place, summer, time, turns).

  1. Reform; repent; improve; amend; progress; become a different person.
  2. Modulate; adapt; mutate; become different.
  3. Age; grow older; change with the passage of time.
  4. Withdraw; retreat; regress; backslide; abandon love or loyalty.
  5. Transform; renew; convert; rejuvenate; restore; revitalize; make different.
  6. Revise; adjust; modify; refashion; diminish or enlarge; [fig.] tailor; cut or sew to correspond to a shape or size.

altered, verbal adj. [see alter, v.] (webplay: day, cause, last, leaves, minister, summer).

Different; transformed; modified; later in the seasons; changed by the passage of time; [word play] sanctified like an altar; blessed like the elements on a sacrament table.

alternating, adj. [L. alternāt-us, do one thing after the other; every other.] (webplay: only, omitted, place).

Migratory; moving back and forth between two points.

alternative, n. [L.] (webplay: nature, only).

Opposing choice; other option in comparison.

although (altho'), conj. [see all, adj. and though, adv.] (webplay: all, be, grant, tree, so).

  1. Nevertheless; however; even when; and yet; but still; [marks a clause that contrasts with the meaning of the previous clause.]
  2. Albeit; inasmuch as; being that; supposing that; granting that.

altitude, n. [L. altus, high.] (webplay: high).

Height; loftiness; elevation; eminence; [fig.] nobility; dignity; elevated plane; heavenly status; more exalted domain.

a'lull (a' lull), adj. [see lull, n.]

Low; ebbing; gently moving back and forth; [prothesis] at a lull; [fig.] tranquil; smooth; soothing; calming; not agitated.

always (alway), adv. [see all, adj. + way, n; OE “all the way, the whole way”.] (webplay: all, convenient, God, passing, please, way, without).

  1. Regularly; consistently; habitually; each time; every time.
  2. Consequently; as a natural result; as a predictable consequence.
  3. Ever; constantly; throughout time; all the time; at all times.
  4. Forever; perpetually; continuously; remaining in the state of; [the form alway is archaic.]

am, v. [L. es-, be, exist.] Suppletion form of the verb “be”; the first person singular present tense form.

  1. [Used for the progressive.]
  2. [Used for the linking verb, with an adjective complement.]
  3. [Used for the lexical verb, indicating location or existence.]
  4. [Used for the passive voice, be + past participle.]

a marching, v. [see march, v.]

Parading; walking together; traveling in a group; advancing like an army; [prothesis] marching; a'marching.