Lexicon: ammunition – amulet

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ammunition, n. [Fr. < L.]

Weapons; firearms; [fig.] memories of shame or guilt.

among ('mong), prep. [OE on + gemang, mingling, assemblage, crowd.] (webplay: number, possessing).

  1. Amidst; as part of; in the company of.
  2. Surrounded by; in the environment of.
  3. Throughout.
  4. In; inside; within; contained in; below the surface of.
  5. With; mingled with.
  6. Hidden in.
  7. Accompanying; associated with; connected with.

amount, n. [OFr < L. ad + montem, to the hill, hillward, upward.]

Quantity; number; sum; mass; volume; abundance.

Amphitrite, proper n. [Gk.]

Wife of Poseidon; Greek goddess of the sea; mythical mother of Triton; [fig.] the supernatural power of an ocean.

ample (-er, -est), adj. [Fr. < L. ampl-us, large, capacious, abundant.]

  1. Populous; well-populated; containing numerous people.
  2. Large; broad; plentiful; full; bountiful; spacious; extensive; great; vast.
  3. Sufficient; appropriate; adequate; large enough.
  4. Generous; giving; unselfish; beneficent.

ample, adv. [see ample, adj.]

With more ease; more conveniently.

amplitude, n. [Fr. < L. 'breadth'.]

  1. Greatness; prominence; importance; advancement; development; self-fulfillment.
  2. Extent; expanse; space; spaciousness.

amply, adv. [see ample, adj.] (webplay: sufficiently).

Sufficiently; adequately; enough.

amputate (-ed), v. [L. amb, about + putā-re, to prune.]

  1. Remove surgically; [as verbal adj.] lost; gone; unseen.
  2. Cut off; take away; [fig.] spurn; reject; refuse.

amulet, n. [Fr. or L.] (webplay: worn).

  1. Ornament; little fragment.
  2. Talisman; bauble; protective charm; lucky necklace or pin; trinket worn for good fortune; [fig.] flower; blossom.