Lexicon: aground – airy

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aground, adv. [see ground, n.] (webplay: depth, sand, sea, ship).

  1. Washed up; stranded; beached; ashore; marooned at the shore; [prothesis] grounded.
  2. Stopped; hindered; submerged; immovable; impeded by insurmountable obstacles; [fig.] dead; buried; interred.

ah, inter. [OFr a or ah.] (webplay: pity). Exclamatory particle with the following nuances:

  1. Nostalgic; wishful; lamenting; entreating; appealing [sound accompanying a sigh.]
  2. Irony; sarcasm; mockery; [similar to “aha” and “ah, but.”]
  3. Surprise; wonder; [equivalent of “Oh!” and “O!”]
  4. Endearing; admiring; adoring.
  5. Sympathy.

aid, n. [OFr < late L. ajūta, help.]

Help; comfort; relief; assistance; support.

aid (aided), v. [OFr < L. ad, to + juvā-re, to help.]

  1. Comfort; relieve; succor; alleviate; assuage; sooth; minimize suffering for; ease the pain for.
  2. Help; assist.
  3. Work together with; complement the color of.
  4. Give; help to have; enable to obtain.

ail (ailed), v. [OE egl-an, trouble.] (webplay: know, troubled).

Arouse; stimulate; make nervous; stir the emotions of; excite physically or mentally.

aim (-s), n. [Picard amer, OFr/Provençal esmer, and OFr æsmer < late L. ad-æstimā-re, to estimate.]

  1. Mission; destination; objective; plan; ambition; purpose; intention; means of accomplishment; way to reach a point.
  2. Divine direction; heavenly motive; higher power; orderly system; law of the universe.

aim (-ed, -s), v. [see aim, n.] (webplay: accomplish).

Point with a weapon; direct the trajectory of a weapon; estimate the distance to a point of attack; calculate the direction of a hit; [fig.] focus attention.

aimless, adv. [see aim, n.]

Pointlessly; randomly; arbitrarily; casually; artlessly; indiscriminately; without a specific design.

air (-s), n. [OFr air < L. < Gk 'to breathe', 'blow'; NW gives a related Semitic root meaning “to shine.”] (webplay: abroad, appearance, atmosphere, breathe, colorless, current, different, distance, dry, earth, exhibit, fair, flight, foul, gravity, gay, good, graceful, high, hope, inodorous, invisible, length, life, light, liquors, looks, morning, notes, open, person, possessed, pride, public, rarefied, ride, show, soft, solidity, song, specific, substance, tune, uncertain, utterance, variety, walk, warm, water, weight, wind, words).

  1. Liberty; freedom.
  2. Smoke.
  3. Sky; space above the earth and sea.
  4. Ambience; season; weather period; time of year; atmosphere of a certain place or time.
  5. Void; empty space.
  6. Attitude; appearance; assumed social position.
  7. Heavens; home on high.
  8. Oxygen; life-giving substance that humans and animals breath.
  9. Wind; breeze; clouds; atmospheric currents.
  10. Medium that transports intangible elements; [fig.] feelings; ideas.
  11. Medium that transports sound; atmosphere as a vehicle for sound waves.
  12. Atmosphere; one of the four basic elements; invisible, odorless, colorless substance which surrounds the earth.
  13. Phrase. “In the air”: potential; hypothetical; imaginary.

airy, adj. [see air, n.]

Wind-filled; [fig.] delicate; flimsy; imaginary; ethereal; lofty; heavenly.