Lexicon: afflict – affronted

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afflict (afflicted, -s), v. [MFr < L. afflīct-um, dash against, throw down, distress.] (webplay: loss, losses, seen, trouble).

  1. Pain; grieve; oppress.
  2. Impress; strike; [fig.] occur to; dawn on.
  3. Distress; disturb; bother; upset; worry; trouble.
  4. Suppress; blind; obstruct.

affliction, n. [see afflict, v.] (webplay: give to the body or mind pain, harass, seen, strike, suffering, trouble).

  1. Trial; hardship; discontent; pain; poignancy; gloom; woe.
  2. Sorrow; grief; suffering.
  3. Agitation; tribulation; turmoil caused by sorrow.
  4. Death.
  5. Curse; burden; impediment; hindrance; encumbrance.
  6. Loss; emptiness; disappointment.

afflictive, adj. [see afflict, v.]

  1. Striking; [fig.] troublesome; uncomfortable; difficult.
  2. Disturbing; annoying; irritating; strident; shrill; noisy.

affluence, n. [Fr. < L. affluent-um, flowing towards.]

  1. Wealth; abundance; profusion; opulence; prosperity; [fig.] fruits, flowers, light, and life in the warmest season of the year.
  2. Richness; profusion; fullness; [fig.] significance; importance.

affluent, adj. [see affluence, n.]

Prosperous; flourishing; plentiful; rich; providential; beneficial; [lit.] flowing.

afford (-s, -ed), v. [OE geforþ-ian, further, advance.] (webplay: further, life, man, old, price, result, sell).

  1. Give; grant; provide; supply.
  2. Buy; obtain; manage; pay for; purchase without debt.
  3. Risk; chance; gamble; imperil; jeopardize.
  4. Match; equal; bear; support; sustain.

affright, v. [OE fyrht-an, frighten, terrify; see fright, n.]

Terrorize; alarm; startle; unnerve; disturb; unsettle.

affront, n. [OFr affront.] (webplay: present).

Insult; offense; disappointment; setback; shame.

affront (-s), v. [OFr affronte-r, to the face, strike on the forehead, slap on the face, insult face to face.]

  1. Assail; overrun.
  2. Invade; attack; enter without an invitation.
  3. Defy; offend; confront brazenly.
  4. Repress; hinder; thwart; confound.
  5. Challenge; humble; subdue.

affronted, verbal adj. [see affront, v.] (webplay: face).

Shy; bashful; ashamed; reserved; reticent; backward; [word play] behind; not in front.