Lexicon: appoint – appropriate

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appoint (-ed, -s), v. [see point, n.] (webplay: he hath appointed a day).

Arrange; assign; circumscribe; commission; decree; determine; designate; direct; establish; ordain; (see Acts 17:31, 28:23).

appointed, verbal adj. [see point, n.] (webplay: command, commission authorizes them to make appointments, day, place).

  1. Pre-determined; arranged for; [fig.] highlighted; moonlit.
  2. Punctual; regular; reliable; customary; dependable; habitual; scheduled; timely.
  3. Assigned; organized; ordained; designated; chosen.

appointment, n. [see point, n.]

Set time; date; assignment; duty; task; commission; post.

appreciation, n. [L. ad + pretium, price.] (webplay: price, prized).

  1. Value; merit; advantage; rising price; increasing worth.
  2. Gratitude; awareness; acknowledgment; thankfulness; recognition of benefit.

apprehend, v. [Fr. < L. ad + prehend-ěre, seize, learn.] (webplay: certainty).

Experience; own; possess; fulfill; realize; thoroughly understand; be conscious of; know the reality of; [fig.] embrace; have and hold; become one being; look forward to consummating a relationship; (see Philippians 3:12-13).

apprehension (-s, -'s), n. [see apprehend, v.] (webplay: affirming, conceive, certainty, fear, food, inference, in the mind, opinion, think).

  1. Expectation; prediction; suggestion; conjecture; allusion; premonition; foreshadowing.
  2. Fear; suspicion; dread; anxiety; worry; uncertainty; mental uneasiness about the future.
  3. Belief; recognition; manifestation; perception of the presence of; acknowledgment of the existence of.
  4. Understanding; comprehension; contemplation; idea; opinion; conception; knowledge; consciousness; expectation; demand; preconceived notion.

apprentice (-d), v. [see apprehend, v.] (webplay: care).

Assign to learn from; appoint to work for; bind by covenant to serve; put under the custody of a master.

approach, n. [see approach, v.] (webplay: place).

Advancing; proceeding; coming near; going forward into; [fig.] death; entering the grave; becoming a citizen of a cemetery.

approach (-d, -ing), v. [OFr < L. ad + propi-āre, draw near.] (webplay: day, delight, place, see).

  1. Approximate; emulate; follow; keep pace with.
  2. Advance towards; enter into; come near to.

appropriate, adj. [OFr < L. ad, rendering + propri-us, own; see proper, adj.] (webplay: Creator).

Suitable; proper; fitting; agreeable; harmonious; in season; right for the circumstances; [phrase “Appropriate Creatures”] crickets.