Lexicon: adamant – address

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adamant, adj. [see adamant, n.]

Solid; stone-like; [fig.] firm; fixed; secure; stable; unchanging.

adamant, n. [OFr adamaunt, invincible.] (webplay: small, stone).

  1. Ice; frost; frozen water crystals.
  2. Massive wall; hard impenetrable barrier; large solid stone mass.
  3. Hardened object; [fig.] a stiff heavy corpse; a body in rigor mortis.
  4. Harsh attitude; hard-hearted person; soul without feeling; spirit without sympathy; heart with no compassion; [possibly an adverb] harshly; adamantly; stubbornly.
  5. Diamond; a hard brilliant mineral; an extremely hard substance; [fig.] endurance; tenacity; strength.
  6. Resurrection; eternal matter; immortal existence; incorruptible body.

adamantine, adj. [see adamant, n.]

Hardened; rigid; stiff; inflexible; impossible to move; [fig.] dead; lifeless; motionless; in rigor mortis.

add (-ed, -eth, -s), v. [L. ad- + dăre, give.] (webplay: another, give, move, smaller, thing, to add to, whole).

  1. Increase; augment.
  2. Respond; say in reply; contribute to conversation.
  3. Give; bestow.
  4. Join; merge; unite; cooperate; combine.
  5. Append something; put more; attach another part.

added, verbal adj. [see add, v.]

Additional; further; other.

adder (-s), adj. [OE nædre, serpent, venom.] (webplay: Adder's tongue).

Phrase. “Adder Tongue”: adder's-tongue; plant whose seeds are produced on a spike resembling a serpent's tongue; [metonymy; word play] poisonous snake; venomous serpent.

addicted, verbal adj. [L. addĩct-us, assigned by decree, bound, devoted < ad- + dicere, say, pronounce.]

Phrase. “Addicted to”: obsessed with; devoted to; habitually bound to.

adding (-s), n. [see add, v.]

Increase; supplement; additional portion.

address, n. [Fr.; see address, v.]

Location; place of residence; origin (word play on address: an Emigrant's address is where their boat ports).

address (-ed, -ing), v. [Fr. < L. ad- + directiã-re, make straight or right.] (webplay: short, speaking, spoken).

  1. Lecture; give a sermon to; orate a discourse to.
  2. Speak to; direct comments toward.
  3. Mark the destination of; indicate a recipient for; label with person and location.