Lexicon: an – ancient

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an, indefinite article. [see a, indefinite article.]

analysis, n. [L. < Gk 'undo', 'unloose'.] (webplay: infinite, synthesis).

  1. Breakdown; decomposition; dissection.
  2. Examination; investigation; perusal; detailed study.

analytic, adj. [see analysis, n.]

Scrutinizing; alert; attentive; discerning; discriminating; vigilant; carefully observant.

analyze, v. [Fr.]

Study; examine; prove; inquire; search; reason through the logical premises.

Ananias, proper n. [Gk < Heb 'Jehovah has shown favor', 'the grace of God'.]

Man who died because he lied to God and to Peter in the New Testament (see Acts 5:1-6); early Christian who had consecrated his earnings for the support of the poor but kept part of the profit for himself (see Acts 2:44-45).

anatomy, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'cutting up', 'dissection'; see atom, n.] (webplay: bones).

Phrase. “Comparative Anatomy”: forensic anthropology; sub-field of archeology; study of the human body; [possibly] Darwinism; biology; phylogeny; comparison of organisms; evolution of species; study of similarities and differences in living things.

ancestor (-s), n. [OFr < L. ante, before + cēd-ěre, to go.] (webplay: nature, series).

  1. Patriarch; parent; adult in a family.
  2. Predecessor; forerunner; precursor; prototype; archetype; harbinger; herald; vanguard; foreshadowing; that which exists long before others.
  3. Progenitor; forefather; previous generation.

anchor (-s), n. [OE < L. < Gk anc- bend, crook, hook; see angle, n.] (webplay: ship at rest).

Stabilizing instrument; curved fastening tool; heavy iron instrument for holding a vessel safe and stationary in water; [fig.] assurance; source of spiritual strength, stability, salvation, safety, or security.

anchor (anchored), v. [see anchor, n.] (webplay: ride, stop).

  1. Settle; alight; land; perch; touch down; become attached.
  2. Moor; rest in the water; find a safe place to wait.

ancient (-er), adj. [Fr. < L. ante, before, former, previous + ān-us, beginning.] (webplay: antiquity, stars, sun).

  1. Archaic; outdated; old-fashioned; dilapidated; curiously old; in existence for a very long time.
  2. Long-lasting; perennial; enduring through time; having a long history.
  3. Former; long-ago; much earlier; bygone; first; previous; ancestral; in the distant past.