Lexicon: Asiatic – aspire

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Asiatic, proper adj. [see Asia, proper n.]

  1. Profuse; torrential; flooding; monsoon; inundating; abundant; jungle-like; rain forest; [fig.] discouraging; impeding; hindering; obstructing.
  2. Temperate; balmy; moderate; mellow; [fig.] Edenic; Buddhist; meditative; peaceful; hopeful; tranquil; restorative; springtime; paradisiacal; nirvana-like.

aside, adv. [OE an-, on + síde; see side, n.]

Away; apart; off; down; out of sight; separate from a person or person's attention.

ask (-ed, -eth, -ing, -s), v. [OE ascian.] (webplay: age, answer, ask and it shall be given you, ask guests to a wedding, beg, bread, claim, demand, favor, friend, God, house, inquire, more, name, obtain, pray, press, price, request, require, seek, silently, step, words).

  1. Pray; beseech God; implore Deity.
  2. Interrogate; question; inquire of.
  3. Invite.
  4. Inquire; request knowledge of; seek to know.
  5. Request; desire; hope; call for (see Matthew 7:7).
  6. Seek permission.
  7. Search; inquire about the presence or location of.
  8. Require; demand.
  9. Phrase. “Ask for”: request; demand; require.

askew, adj. [origin unknown; possibly < Germanic schief.]

Lob-sided; awry; slanted; leaning in one direction; [fig.] oblique; obscure; circuitous; indirect; paradoxical; looking from two different angles; (see 1 Corinthians 15:42-43).

aslant, verbal adj. [see slant, v.]

Sloping; on one side; obliquely; seen from a different angle; [prothesis] slanting; a'slanting.

asleep, verbal adj. [OE on slæpe, in sleep.] (webplay: fast asleep).

  1. Dead; resting in the grave; reposing in the tomb.
  2. Slumbering; dozing; sleeping; unconscious; not awake; not aware.
  3. Dormant; inactive; not in effect.

aspect (-s), n. [L. ad-, to + spec-ěre, look at.]

Detail; facet; feature; quality; [fig.] creature; being; entity; thing.

asperity, n. [OFr < L. asper, rough.]

Roughness of temper; moroseness; sullenness; sulking; gloom; harshness; bitterness.

asphodel, n. [Med. L. affodillus < Gk asphodil-us; see daffodil, n.]

Day-lily; lily-like plant; a species of Hemerocallis; herb with beautiful flowers and spear-shaped leaves; bloom that grows on the moors of England, edible for sheep; blossom planted anciently near graves to supply the dead with nourishment; immortal flower said to cover the meadows of Elysium, the abode of the blessed after death in Greek mythology; [fig.] heaven; state of rest after mortality.

aspire (-s), v. [Fr.? < L. adspīrā-re, breathe upon, seek to reach.] (webplay: desire).

Covet; crave; yearn for; strive for; aim at; have ambition towards.