Lexicon: abdicate – ability

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abdicate (-d), v. [L. abdicare, to deny, to renounce.] (webplay: life).

Relinquish; renounce; abandon.

abdication, n. [see abdicate, v.] (webplay: monarchy).

  1. Disowning; surrender; relinquishing sovereignty; giving up a title; [fig.] losing one's self (see Matthew 10:39).
  2. Rejection; renunciation.

abduct (-ed), v. [L. abduco, to lead away.]

Kidnap; remove illegally; carry away improperly; [fig.] evaporate; cause to disappear.

abet (-s), v. [OFr abeter, to incite.]

Aid; help with a dubious activity; assist in a negative deed.

abhor (-s), v. [L. abhorrere < ab-, away, from and horrere, to shudder.]

  1. Detest; hate extremely; feel contempt for.
  2. Reject; spurn; cast off.

abhorred, verbal adj. [see abhor, v.]

Base; low; miserable; dreaded; shunned; detested; despicable.

abhorrence, n. [see abhor, v.]

Detestation; extreme hatred.

abhorrent, adj. [see abhor, v.]

Dreadful; loathsome.

abide (abode, -s), v. [OE abidan.] (webplay: dwell, land, stand).

  1. Live; exist in a place; [fig.] grow.
  2. Endure; survive; stay; remain.
  3. Preside; occur; be present.
  4. Exist; stay; remain; continue.
  5. Linger; remain; be present in part; continue in spirit if not in physical sight.
  6. Dwell; live; reside.
  7. Phrase. “Abide with”: accompany; be present with.
  8. Phrase. “Abide with”: endure; survive; bear.

ability (abilities), n. [L. habilitas; see able, adj.] (webplay: force, will).

  1. Mastery; authority; power; right.
  2. Action; activity; motion; movement; [fig.] talent; physical potential; mental resources.
  3. Capacity; faculty; sensory function.
  4. Power; strength.