Lexicon: aisle – alas

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aisle (-s), n. [OFr > L. ala, wing.] (webplay: church).

  1. Wing; annex; hallway; vault; chamber.
  2. Row between graves in a cemetery.
  3. Row; passageway; walking space between pews or seats in a church; lateral division between the seating sections in a church.
  4. Space between trees in a forest; various paths of creatures in nature.
  5. Main walkway in great hall; central corridor of a large domed room.

ajar, adv. /adj. [prothesis; a + char < OE cyrr, a turn; see a jar, adv.] (webplay: door).

  1. Unfolded; bent open; [fig.] out of place.
  2. Agape; unclosed; partly open; turned open.
  3. Unveiled; revealed; visible through an opening; [fig.] awake; astir; accessible; welcoming; inviting an entrance.

a jar, adv. [see jar, n. and jar, v.]

Open; available for pollen exchange; [fig.] cylindrical in form; like a container of honey; shaped like a round vessel with handles; [word play on verb] buzzing; vibrating; jerking; making a strident insect sound; rumbling like cars on train tracks; moving up and down like a drill bit; [prothesis; see ajar, adv.] ajar; a'jar.

alabaster, adj. [OFr < L. < Gk ἀλάβαστροs, a town in Egypt.] (webplay: figures, stone).

  1. Gypsum; massive, fine-grained sulphate of lime; white, yellow, or rose-colored mineral, having concentric stripes or spots; translucent or variegated carbonate of lime; pure white material for making boxes to keep ointments.
  2. Snowy; white, cold, soft, and smooth; [fig.] shroud-like; sepulchral.
  3. Stony; deathly white; cold, hard, and pale because of death.

alacrity, n. [L. alacer, brisk.]

[Modifying they] swiftness; punctuality; promptness; dispatch; speed; haste; [modifying Us] cheerful readiness; eagerness; liveliness; willingness.

alarm (-s), n. [OFr alarme, to the arms; NW says: Welsh alarm, a great shout.] (webplay: apprehension, danger, fear, notice, sound, terror).

  1. Anxiety; dread; panic; foreboding of danger.
  2. Clamor; din; outcry; warning sound; message of approaching hostility; [fig.] insect noises.
  3. Noise; buzzing sound; notice of approach; [fig.] surprise; cause of apprehension.
  4. Phrase. “Legions of Alarm”: armed legions; troops of soldiers; hunters bearing arms; [fig.] extreme danger; deadly peril.

alarm (-s), v. [see alarm, n.] (webplay: approaching, fear).

  1. Notify of danger; sound a warning to; inform of potential harm.
  2. Frighten; disturb; strike with fear.
  3. Disturb; upset; unsettle; arouse; cause apprehension. [The syntactic and lexical ambiguities of this occurrence of “Alarm” are a challenge to define.]

alarming, adj. [see alarm, n.]

Awful; dreadful; surprising; shocking; startling; disturbing; appalling.

alas, inter. [OFr ah! + las, wretched, weary.]

Woe!; ah!; ay me! [expression of concern, unhappiness, grief, heartache, misery, pain, loss.]

alas, n. [see alas, inter.]

  1. Exclamation; cry of pain, loss, sorrow.
  2. Desolation; bleakness; sorrow; affliction; hardship.