Lexicon: Athens – attar

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Athens, proper n. [Gk < Athene < pre-Hellenic ath, long-handled spear.]

Attica; ancient Greek city; center of culture named for Athena; metropolis whose citizens worshiped the goddess of wisdom (see Acts 17:22); [fig.] learning; study; education; philosophy; classical scholarship; arts and letters; [allusion] father of Odysseus in Homer; (see also Byron's “Maid of Athens”).

atmosphere (-s), n. [L. < Gk 'vapor' + 'ball, sphere'.]

  1. Wind current; air flow; [fig.] area; space; surroundings; environment; ambience.
  2. Air; invisible gaseous area surrounding the earth; [fig.] weather.

atom (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk α, not + Τεμνω, to cut; 'indivisible'; 'twinkling of an eye'.] (webplay: admit, chemical, first).

  1. Element; physical material; particle of the decomposing human body; [fig.] decay; mortality.
  2. Fragment; bit; very small piece; minute part of a whole.
  3. First principle of matter; individual in a physical, tangible, material state; [word play] Adam; man; first human being according to the Bible.
  4. Physical component; sub-molecular unit; indivisible body; extremely small part of a molecule; particle having a nucleus, electron valences, and little weight.
  5. Mote; scent; odor; smell; sense; element existing in the air; [fig.] feeling; mood.

atone, v. [compound of at and one.] (webplay: love).

Expiate; compensate; reward; recompense; pay; restore; make amends; make up for; provide equivalent for an injury.

Atropos, proper n. [Gk 'inflexible'.]

One of the three Fates; third daughter of Zeus and Themis in Greek mythology; demi-goddess who cuts the thread that determines a human life span; [fig.] fate; fortune; chance; destiny; luck; (see ED letters).

attach (-es), v. [OFr 'to fasten'.]

Associate with; relate to; identify with; connect to mentally.

attack (-s), v. [Fr.] (webplay: satire).

Criticize; censure; assail verbally; assault with words.

attain (attained), v. [L. attingěre, to reach, to come to or overtake.] (webplay: acquisition, common, ease, knowledge, mind).

  1. Accomplish; do; reach by effort.
  2. Acquire; gain; obtain.
  3. Have happen; be subject to.
  4. Gather; accumulate; collect; assemble; produce; manufacture.

attainment (-s), n. [see attain, v.]

Achievement; mastery; proficiency; skill; talent.

attar (-s, -'s), n. [Persian ςatar perfume essence.]

Rose-petal perfume; aromatic extract; fragrant oil from blossoms; sweet-smelling essence of flower petals; [fig.] meaning of existence; significance of life; infinite joy; rich substance of great value.