Lexicon: ancient – angel

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ancient, adv. [see ancient, adj.] (webplay: sun).

Phrase. “Ancient fashioned”: quaintly designed; old-fashioned; well-established; long-standing.

ancle (-s), n. [see ankle, n.]

and (&), conj. [OE and, mutual relation of notions and propositions; coordinating conjunction.]

  1. Besides; also; furthermore; along with; in addition to; [connecting between each one of the words in a series; polysyndeton.]
  2. [As a transition device to begin a new or related idea.]
  3. [Connecting a pair of words or phrases.]
  4. [Connecting coordinate clauses or compound sentences.]
  5. [Connecting between the last two items in a list.]
  6. [As an ampersand symbol: “&”.]
  7. [Connecting the same word in repetition for emphasis.]
  8. [Connecting a post-position modifier.]
  9. Phrase. “And then”: Subsequently; following that.

Andes, proper n. [Quechua, possibly anti, east; anta, copper, tapir; or andi, peak, crest.]

South American mountain range; southern half of the great chain of snow-capped mountains extending through the Americas; longest and second highest mountain range in the world; [fig.] enduring greatness; lasting impression; monumental legacy; eternal presence; everlasting memory; a sense of grandeur; magnificent feelings; [word play] agony; heartache; overwhelming sorrow; coldness of immense grief; (see ED letters).

Andre (Andre's), proper n. [Fr. form of Eng. 'Andrew' < Gk 'manly', 'strong', 'courageous', 'warrior'.]

Major John Andre (1750-1780); English officer who conspired with Benedict Arnold for the surrender of West Point; captured and executed when he unwittingly revealed his identity to Revolutionary Army soldiers; Johnson ed. of ED's poems says: “Major John Andre's request that he be allowed a soldier's death by shooting was denied by Washington, and he was hanged as a spy”; (see ED letters).

anecdote (-es), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'unpublished'.]

Story; description; report; account; tale; narrative from one's life.

anemone (-s), n. [Gk 'daughter of the wind'.] (webplay: wind-flower).

Genus of plant with brilliantly-colored flowers; species of wild or cultivated flowering plant.

anew, adv. [prothesis; OE a + new; see new, adj.]

Again; afresh; another time; in a new form.

angel, adj. [see angel, n.] (webplay: beautiful, man, whiteness).

Celestial; ideal; pure; perfect; virtuous.

angel (-s, -s'), n. [OE < L. < Gk 'messenger'.] (webplay: angel-shot, beautiful, call, figure, God, love, lute, man, resembling, say, small, tell, two, whiteness).

  1. Resident of heaven; servant of God in heaven; member of the heavenly host; person who has died and gone to heaven.
  2. Deity; Divinity; Jehovah; Lord; immortal Being.
  3. Guardian; defender; protector; one of the heavenly host; white-robed officer in the army of God.
  4. Seraph; ministering spirit; heavenly envoy; divine herald; messenger of God; holy one serving people on earth; intelligent being who communicates God's will to human beings.
  5. Advisor; mentor; beacon; guide; spirit.
  6. Good person; friendly neighbor; [fig.] sweet little girls.
  7. Bird; winged creature in Nature.